5 Ways Students can Request for Student Loan Assistance from Employers

A lot of organisations provide student loan assistance especially for those who want to develop their career in particular fields. This offer is an opportunity to study and enjoy some benefits from your organisation. So let’s examine some ways to request for student loan assistance from employers.

One of the benefits here is that you keep getting your monthly salary and other allowances associated with the job. Note that the amount of assistance your employers can offer depends on the size of the company. Below are some tips on how to request for student loan assistance from employers.

1. Ask about their financial wellness program

Before requesting a loan, find out the possibilities of obtaining a student loan from the company/organization. Your company can then help you identify the best way of paying back the loan without stress.

2. Ask about financial advice services

Ask about financial advisory services from your employer to enable you to choose the student loan most suitable for you. One that will not cause you to incur too many debts. This is a good way to request for student loan assistance from your employers.

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3. Take advantage of all tuition reimbursement plans

Take advantage of scholarships or reimbursement programs that will cover the cost of more education. Working as an international student gives you the opportunity to acquire skills relevant to your career. This is why organizations offer tuition reimbursement programs.

4. Ask for direct assistance in repaying, consolidating or refinancing loans

Apart from requesting a loan, equally try to find out if the organisation can waive or offer repayment assistance to you. Most responsible employers will want to keep you if you work hard and are productive. This is because they understand the stress that comes with footing your educational bills on your own so they’re happy to help.

5. Prepare in Advance

Research existing loan repayment programs and options to enable you to make an informed and appropriate request. Ask relevant questions, understand the eligibility requirements and the nature of the repayment assistance and how it will affect your repayment plan. The is an important step in requesting a student loan assistance from your employers.

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