Canon Collins Trust invites applications for scholarships for postgraduate study in South Africa in 2012. They will provide funding for up to a maximum of one year for Honours, two years for Masters and three years for PhD. Continued funding depends on satisfactory progress and academic reports.
Applicants must:

  • Be nationals of or have refugee status in one of the following countries:

Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

  • Be seeking this scholarship for postgraduate study
  • At a South African university

Worth of Awards
Canon Collins scholarships are not full scholarships and funding depends on the type of course you are doing.  Awards in 2011 ranged from R10,000 to R40,000. Awards in 2012 are likely to be within this range.
Number of Scholarships
There is no set number. The Trust makes awards on the basis of available funding and suitable applicants. It is, however, highly competitive. They make awards to less than 5% of those who apply. Please apply only if you meet all the criteria.
Getting Admission
You must apply to the universities you wish to study at for a place on your chosen course(s).  If you are offered a Canon Collins scholarship but fail to get a place on a course, they will withdraw the offer.
Selection Criteria
The Trust assesses applications on the basis of the information given in the application form. They apply the following criteria:

  • Academic Record and References
  • Relevance of Proposed Course of Study to the needs of Southern Africa
  • Work Experience
  • Commitment to Country/Community
  • Motivation for Study

They favour applicants who are able to articulate

  • Why their chosen institution fits with their ambitions
  • Why their chosen course fits with their ambitions
  • How, once qualified, they intend to ‘make a difference’.

Reference letters are also considered
Ideally, you should submit an academic reference and a reference from an employer.  If you are not currently employed, they will accept a reference from voluntary work, or two academic references.  If you have been out of education for five years or more they will accept two work references.
You should ask your referees to provide you with a reference that relates to your application for this scholarship.  It should outline your strengths as an applicant, demonstrate your capacity to study at the level required, and identify your potential impact in the future.
Application Process:
The application form is of primary importance as assessment is made on the basis of this. The form can be completed on a computer (preferable), typed, or hand written. It MUST be neat and easy to read. The following supporting documents must be included, and must be sent with the application form in one envelope:

  • Certified copy of undergraduate degree certificate
  • Certified academic transcripts (from university only)
  • Reference letters from two referees
  • A copy of your two most recent payslips, if applicable
  • A thesis proposal for your PhD, if applicable

Incomplete applications will not be considered
Completion of form
Given that Canon Collins Trust receives hundreds of applications it is important that you take care in completing your form.  You should:

  • Demonstrate a high standard of English with no spelling and language errors
  • Answer all of the questions fully and with attention to detail
  • Provide all the necessary documentation and supporting documents.

Deadline: August 12th 2011. Late applications will not be considered.
Winners will be announced November 2011.
Please post (do not fax or email) completed application forms and supporting documents to:
Canon Collins Trust
22, The Ivories
Northampton Street
N1 2HY
United Kingdom
Please note that this address is not the same as in previous years.  Applications sent to the Cape Town PO Box will not be considered.
For more information, and to apply, visit their website by clicking here.
Download the form by clicking here.

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