The Quebec Merit Scholarship Program is awarded to candidates nominated by a university. Candidates cannot apply directly to the agency they must be nominated by a University.
Only candidates nominated by a University may submit an application to the provincial competition at Quebec University may submit:

  • 4 nominations to the unrestricted competition for each competition: V1, V2 and V3;
  • 2 nominations to the International Doctoral FQRNT competition (Aerospace, Information Technology and Communication, Health and Technology, Genomics and Nanotechnology);
  • 2 nominations to the International Doctoral FQRSC competition (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts);
  • 1 nomination for Brazil for each competition: 1B Doctoral; 2B Postdoctoral; 3B Short Term Research;
  • 1 nomination for India for each competition: 1I Doctoral; 2I Postdoctoral; 3I Short Term Research;
  • 1 nomination for Wallonie for each competition: 1W and 3W. Please take note that there is no postdoctoral competition for this category. The Quebec-Wallonie competition is open to Francophone Belgians.


  • Must meet all eligibility conditions as at the date of the closing of the competition (usually the end of October).
  • Cannot have submitted another application for any of the three components of the program in the same year.
  • Cannot have already received a merit scholarship for foreign students.
  • Cannot be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Cannot have applied for permanent resident status under Canadian immigration law.

Doctoral Research Scholarship:
Worth of award

  • Up to $25,000 per year for up to three years (tenable within the first nine terms of the doctoral program),
  • MELS will offer all recipients an exemption from paying the international tuition fees and the medical insurance coverage offered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.
  • All doctoral sessions, funded or unfunded, completed before the scholarship takes effect are used in calculating the eligibility period.

Postdoctoral Fellowship:
Worth of Award

  • Up to $35,000 per year for one year non renewable.
  •  Postdoctoral fellowships are intended for new researchers who obtained their degree no more than two years before the deadline date for the competition or who submitted their dissertation by January 2015 at the latest, the deadline date for the beginning of the fellowship.
  •  Postdoctoral research must be conducted in an institution other than the one that granted the Doctorate.

Short-term research or professional development:
Worth of award

  • Up to $3,000 a month for a period of up to four months.
  • These scholarships are intended for technical and university students (Option A) or researchers who have completed a doctorate no more than five years before the deadline date for the competition (Option B).

Deadline: Deadline varies with university. Use the link below to find out the deadline that applies to you.
Click here to learn and to apply.