Top 6 Ways International Students make Money on Campus

Studying abroad is great but it can be quite expensive. Thus, it becomes necessary for students to know how to make money on campus while pursuing academic excellence. Remembering that a stitch in time saves nine will propel international students to learn to make money on campus sooner than later.
Inadequate finance poses a threat to students all over the world, especially those from developing countries. Asides receiving scholarships, grants, and support from family, you can make money while studying. So, this article highlights possible ways international students can make money on campus.

1. Brand Ambassador

Many companies lookout for students who can develop and implement their marketing strategies within the academic environment. This is one flexible part-time job you can leverage on by representing the company and attracting clients/customers to it. However, you need to have a brand before companies would consider approaching you. So, as a brand ambassador, you’ll garner valuable skills and experiences which will definitely come in handy in future job interviews.

2. Tech Support

The 21st century has advanced technologically thus, students need to be tech-savvy. Having IT support and social media skills is an added advantage as you’ll be able to work from any location. One advantage this has is that you enjoy flexibility and won’t need to be in the office all the time.

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3. Freelance Jobs

Being employed as a freelancer gives you the flexibility you need as a student having developed requisite skills. For instance, skills such as writing, social media management, graphic design, etc. This also gives you the opportunity to work anywhere, anytime without restriction. Your experience as a freelancer will come in handy after graduation.

4. Market Research 

This is one viable way to make money as an international student. The job description entails you having to fill online surveys while marketing the company’s brand to target audiences. This opens you up to new challenges, experiences and possibilities.

5. Babysitting

Babysitting usually works within the confines of your convenience but there’s no gainsaying that you’ll need to make some sacrifices. Fortunately, the pay package is worth the sacrifice.

6. Catering

First, you’ll need to develop the art and craft of catering to be able to enjoy the cash rewards that come with it. Essentially, this job is flexible yet tasking, time demanding and rewarding all in one mix. In fact, you’ll develop interpersonal skills, grow your network and sharpen your multitasking skills. You’ll also give your employers a very good impression of yourself.

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