6 Common Study Problems that affect International Students

International students often encounter a lot of challenges that affect their studies in spite of their efforts. Knowing what these challenges are, can help students avoid them and prepare adequately for school. Let’s delve into the meat of the matter by taking a look at some international students study problems.

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1. Low  Motivation

The lack of motivation can make international students become lazy, less focused, less serious and uncommitted. Sometimes, students lack motivation for certain subjects but in some cases, it cuts across all subjects. Some common causes of lack of motivation include:

  • Stress, fatigue as well as a very busy schedule.
  • Having more interesting things to do.
  • Boring subjects/classes.
  • A dislike for a teacher of a particular subject.
  • Having other things happening in your life, meaning studying doesn’t feel important at the moment.
  • You’re not in the best of health, or not sleeping well.
  • You’re worried about failure.

2. Having difficulty Concentrating

Students invest much of their time and energy on information technologies such as the internet, smartphones, TV, video games, social media and friends. While these are good, they are all potential distractions that can keep you from getting a good study session. Personal issues could also prevent you from concentrating on your studies.

3. Finding some topics Boring

A boring topic or subject can make you lack motivation and perform well below your capacity in a particular course. To avoid this, endeavour to spend more time studying the course to learn the much you can. Also, reward yourself for any success made in a course, it’ll help you become zealous to achieve more.

4. Missing Deadlines

Deadlines can be very intimidating, and missing one can be a really make a student feel stressed up. However, institutions have policies to help you get back on track. All you need to do is act quickly and speak with your tutors/advisers so that they can tell you what options you have.

5. Difficulty remembering Figures and Facts

Struggling to retain the information given by a professor in class can be a real barrier to effective study. Thus the need to practice your best form of learning to ensure that you understand lectures and materials given for a class.

6. Difficulty coping with the Workload

Students can easily get tired especially when the course workload is too much for them. Thus achieving good grades in this aspect may be a problem. However, when you plan ahead and execute tasks effectively, you can overcome with good grades. This is one of the international students’ study problems.

As an international student, learn to keep your self motivated because your goal is greater than any difficulty that may come your way.

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