Some international students leave certain costs out of their budget when planning and preparing for college. These costs are often incidental to their stay thus, following through on your academic pursuit could be expensive. Little wonder students get stranded upon arrival.

The costs international students should know about while in college include the following:

1. Health Insurance

Health is wealth. Little wonder universities and colleges provide health insurance packages for students at a cheaper rate. This helps students maintain good health all through their study experience.


2. Visa Fees

This comes to mind immediately after you’ve secured an admission to study in the college of your choice. Sometimes, this puts students under pressure. All you need do is budget for it and reach out for help. Sourcing for a visa fee is easier to come by than sourcing for money to maintain yourself during your academic sojourn.

3. Accommodation

Most scholarships provide students with accommodation upon successful application. However, this does not cover the cost of accommodation to be paid when you decide to stay back after a semester exam. This is because you’ll make use of resources beyond what your scholarship offered or initially paid for so keep this in mind.

4. International Student Fees

Colleges are aware that international students will need support services upon arrival. Hence the provision of international student fees. This fee is different from the fees paid for your accommodation and tuition. To enjoy this service, budget for it.

5. Room Supplies

There is a limit to the number of room supplies you’ll take along with you especially if you are travelling a long distance. As such, make provision, within your budget for the extra room supplies you’ll purchase upon arrival. Note that during your orientation week, these supplies are usually sold at affordable prices so take advantage of the slash.

6. Work Authorization Application Fee

Most study visas enable students to work while they study however, you’ll have to apply for an authorization to work. This goes for a fee. So, endeavour to have a budget for this. Without a doubt, this will enable you to support yourself financially as an international student.

7. Clothing

Studying in a cold region requires you to get some warm clothing in order to survive extreme weathers. Purchasing all the warm clothes you’ll need from your country may not be an easy task so it’s important to budget a reasonable amount for this.

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