Attending interviews can be both exciting and daunting for international students especially when it’s before multiple panel interviewers. Being a rare opportunity for you to sell yourself, you need to do it right. International students can face multiple panel interviewers in the following ways:

1. Know your Interviewers

It is important to know your interviewers. This will help you gauge how you answer the questions asked. In some cases, you could have access to your interviewers before the interview session. Peradventure you don’t, do well to listen to them introduce themselves. You’ll have to answer questions from them as it relates to their field.

2. Focus on all your Interviewers

While answering questions, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer will help you understand him/her a little better. Ensure you take glances at others as well, they could give you feedback to spur you on. This shows that you are confident and know your stuff.

3. Smile 

Interviews are dynamic; some are easy while others are difficult, some are interesting while others could be boring. Similarly, some interviewers are more easing going than others. But irrespective of how it turns out, endeavour to wear a smile as well as a cheerful disposition throughout the interview.

4. Avoid being Distracted

Some interview panels may want to unsettle you to see how you fare. A question can be repeated; your reaction and approach to the repeated question speaks volumes. Answer the question again only make it better and more detailed than the first. The interviewers would be impressed by this and it could work in your favour.

As aforementioned, interviews are dynamic. So it’s important for international students to face multiple panel interviewers adequately prepared. Do your best to ensure that your interviewers are convinced to give you a chance in their institution.

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