A telephone interview is the most convenient and cost-effective way of conducting an admission or job interview. This helps admission officers filter applicants in the recruitment process. Your interviewers will be interested in your core competencies and skills so, let’s find out how international students can handle telephone interviews.

1. Prepare Adequately

In order to ace a telephone interview, you need to prepare adequately by reading and strategizing. This implies that you will have ample time to evaluate possible questions your interviewer will throw at you. Most importantly, work on your confidence, it will give the interviewer a good impression.

2. Have a Demo Session

Having an informal telephone conversation with a friend or colleague will prepare you for what to expect. The feedback will furnish you with ideas on how to improve your communication and delivery skills. Peradventure there is no one to give you feedback, record your conversation, play it back and make necessary corrections.

3. Choose the right Environment

Create an atmosphere that will make you the most comfortable international student about to have a telephone interview. Do whatever brings out the best in you and ensure you have good signals and a fully charged mobile phone. Also, have documents you may need to refer to during the interview session readily available.

4. Be Official and Professional

Communicate with your interviewer professionally. For instance, “Good morning, “Mr, Mrs, or Miss XYZ,” (if you know their names) Mary speaking”. If you don’t, “Sir” or “Ma’am” will suffice. Ensure not to be rude or overly confident. Consequently, your interviewer might have a wrong impression about you.

5. Avoid Distractions

This is a professional interview so avoid every form of distraction. Inform your family and friends about your telephone interview to avoid every form of distraction. If there are external noises around you which will interfere with the interview, avoid them as much as possible. But if you can’t help it, change your location. This is one way international students can handle telephone interviews.

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