Studying abroad is always a thrilling experience but sometimes students get carried away with the fun and end up on probation. However, being on probation isn’t the end, it is your chance to remedy your academic inadequacies. Here are some reasons international students end up on academic probation.

1. Inadequate Preparation

College isn’t high school so the workload is usually more intense. A 2007 study from Pine Technical College showed something interesting. It revealed that students who entered college with pre-college scores in reading and writing were at higher risk of academic probation than students with college-level skills.

Similarly, researchers at UC Berkeley found that freshman students who took multiple AP courses in high school were around three to five per cent less likely to get put on academic probation.

2. Skipping too many Classes

Another reason international students end up on probation is that sometimes, they skip too many classes. Unfortunately, neither parents nor professors are able to curtail this. However, the consequences are dire; one of which is the fact that student’s performances drop drastically.

3. Poor study Habit

Poor study habits can affect your education adversely if you do not adjust quickly. Many students tend to spend little time reading and even less time studying. Thus, they are unable to fully grasp what was taught in class.

4. Having an unbalanced Schedule

Taking too many courses at the same time or having electives that clash with your majors can be a problem. Apart from being stressful, your grades will suffer for it because at some point you may end up missing some classes. To be able to create a balance in your schedule, visit your academic advisor to help you make the right choices.

5. Procrastination 

Procrastination is the thief of time remember? So students who procrastinate about executing academic tasks are endangering their success. What needs to be done should be achieved within the stipulated time so as to meet up with deadlines.

6. Lack of Interest 

Choosing to skip classes just because you lack interest in some subjects could lower your credit load. Furthermore, having one too many of such cases could make you end up on probation. Remember that you need all the credit units each course offers to succeed so don’t take anything for granted.

7. Unforeseen Circumstances

Illness, family emergencies and other personal circumstances can keep students from attending classes. It can also affect their performances in assignments, tests, exams, presentations, etc. This puts them at risk and this is one of the reasons international students end up on academic probation. Do you best to manage the situation to avoid affecting your studies.

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