Academic probation is necessitated by a student’s weak performance because the GPA falls below requirements. When students fail to earn a term and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, they’re subject to probation. Similarly, if they fail to complete at least 50% of the total credits for a term, they’re liable for probation. How then can international students avoid academic probation? Let’s find out, shall we?

1. Consult your Academic Advisor

International students placed on academic probation are required to meet with an academic advisor. The advisor is usually in the Academic Advising and Learning Center and serves to help students develop a plan for academic success. The immediate goal here is to help students get out of probation.

2. Consult your Professor 

Students that are performing poorly in courses should discuss their options with the course instructors. They can also meet with their professors to find a way to revise a poorly written paper. It’s also important to find other alternative ways to gain extra credit opportunities where possible.

3. Curtail Excesses

Extracurricular activities are good but sometimes international students go overboard with them. While having fun is a good way to relax, curtail excesses that can hamper your performance. For instance, partying, hanging out in the club, or drinking alcohol a lot or regularly could cause you many hangovers. It is, therefore, advisable to have fun in moderation.

4. Build cordial Relationships with Lecturers and Students

No man is an island and no one has the monopoly of knowledge so feel free to mingle with other students. You’d be surprised how much you’d learn from them in study groups that could help you avoid probation. Building cordial relationships with your lecturers could also help you stay in check academically. So don’t be an island.

International Students Academic Probation

5. Be active in Class

It’s not enough to just attend classes, you also need to be active. This way, you’ll be more interested in what you’re learning plus you’ll learn better. While preparing for tests and exams, you may not remember all you were taught in class. However, you’ll most likely remember what you learnt through participation so be active.

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