As the rave of the moment, there are diverse career opportunities for international students in IT. In fact, IT professionals can work in any sector or industry plus the actual roles within IT are equally diverse. So if you’re considering a career in IT, here are some benefits of being IT professionals for international students.

1. Global Demand

The truth is the world needs IT professionals because there are skills gaps all over the world when it comes to technology. Businesses and governments are seeking digital transformation thus the need for cybersecurity experts. With the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology and data sharing, there’s definitely a place for you.

2. You can work in tech without an IT Degree

Today, technology employers are hiring graduates from different degree backgrounds. This is because they recognise the benefit of hiring people who have been trained to think in different ways. So whether you have a degree in IT or not, if you have the skill, there’s definitely a place for you.

3. You can work in any Industry

One of the major benefits of being IT professionals to international students is that they can work in any sector or industry. Also, the actual roles within IT are just as diverse so you can fit in anywhere.

4. IT salaries are Generous

IT graduate jobs pay well compared to many other areas. Digital salaries are 44% higher than the national average, according to Tech Nation’s 2017 report. Those who work for employers with a graduate scheme could earn £25k–30k which gets better with progression. According to IT Jobs Watch, the median salary for a software developer is £45k; investment banking technology roles: £70k.

5. Perks and work/life balance are good

There are lots of perks and benefits that are common in tech organisations. Even more important is the work/life balance you enjoy. A report of the top 20 jobs for work/life balance included several IT ones, with software developers coming in the first place.

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