Working while studying at the university allows you to earn money, make friends and gain the work experience employers seek. The benefits of part-time jobs to international students are numerous and enable them to acquire skills which in turn boosts their careers. Let’s look at some of those benefits, shall we?

1. Income

Studying abroad can be expensive but with part-time jobs, international students are able to earn their keep. This enables them to shoulder the financial burden of studying more easily and effectively and takes away the fear of not having sufficient funds.

2. Budgeting 

Students who engage in part-time jobs are able to draw up a budget for things based on the scale of preference. They become more cautious about their spending patterns having worked hard to earn their keep. They also learn to save.

3. Time Management

Students with a job are capable of managing time effectively because they understand the importance of striking a balance. They set daily/weekly/monthly goals to ensure that they succeed academically and career-wise.

4. Resume

A part-time job is of great value to set the building blocks of your career because it helps you gain employable skills. These skills boost your resume and make you stand out from among the other applicants. Part-time jobs help students build great resumes and also develop the necessary skills in their chosen fields of study.

5. Transferable Skills

A part-time job can help you gain skills that a university or college degree won’t teach you. Part-time job offers you the opportunity to learn from experience and use your initiative to develop more on your own. Team spirit is one of the transferable skills you gain from part-time jobs that help you work well in conjunction with people anywhere you find yourself.

6. Networking 

Part-time jobs offer students the opportunity to network and develop cordial relationships with professionals or experts in an organisation. They provide you with access to professionals who can be your referees or links to future job opportunities.

7. Develop Interpersonal Skills

Through part-time jobs, students develop interpersonal skills that help them grow their careers. These experiences expose them to policies as well as how organisations are run. It teaches them management, organisation and effective modes of communication among workers.

International students should consider part-time jobs as an avenue to get exposed to practical work experiences while networking with professionals.

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