How International Students can get a Low-Cost or Free MBA Program

International students can have access to low-cost or free MBA programs. They come in the form of scholarships, fellowships, need-based financial aids or sponsorships from institutions. These financial aids reduce the financial pressure MBA students go through. Wouldn’t it be good to know how international students can get low-cost or free MBA Program? Let’s find out.

These opportunities are usually rare for MBAs. However, you can benefit from them by submitting strong academic applications and other relevant documents. Good conduct is important during interviews as well as demonstrating a history of professional success with strong credentials.

Want to know how international students can get a low-cost or free MBA Program? This is how.

  • Apply to a Business School for Funding

Make inquiries about available fellowship and scholarship opportunities. Business schools provide most of these opportunities generally and for interest groups. Some of these schools focus on need-based financial aids, while others focus on merit scholarships. So, having an understanding of the financial aid systems of various business schools helps you strategically tailor your application.

  • Prepare adequately for your Tests

It is essential to score high in your GRE or GMAT test. Peter J. Aranda III, Executive Director and CEO of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management advised that the entrance exam be taken while students are in or shortly after graduation from college or university. According to him, knowledge of mathematics will still be fresh enough to enable the student to maximize applicants scores.

  • Refine Your Essays

To be a beneficiary of a subsidized or free MBA program, your essays must be crafted skillfully. Tell your story by reflecting your career, life experiences, as well as the value you’ll add to the institution during your MBA program and beyond. More importantly, be authentic and highlight a record of successes attained. Upon completion, revise your admission essays and ensure they are concise enough to achieve the purpose of the essay. This is relevant to international students preparing for their MBA program.

  • Find out if your Employer offers Tuition Benefits

This is one strategic way to get low-cost or free MBA funding. Some universities make provision for students to work while studying. As such, they encourage tuition payments by students’ employers. In fact, some universities offer deferred tuition payment. By so doing, employers make payment to the university after a semester. This gives the student ample time to show proof of his/her grades.

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. Strive To Ace Your Admissions Interview

Asides your essay, the admission interview is a gateway to getting financial assistance. As such, when faced with the panel, convey your intentions for the MBA program appropriately. Also, strive to be attentive and positive while answering questions about your career goals intelligently. Remember to include your previous work experience and link it with your potential post-MBA involvements.

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