As an international student, it being abreast of the knowledge common mistakes you could make as an intern in a company or institution is important. It is advised that you make the most of your internship because the experience you garner will be to your advantage in the future. Basically, you need to be enthusiastic about leveraging on this opportunity and leaving a positive impression as an intern.

Take a look at the top 6 mistakes to avoid as an international student intern.

1. Having a Lackadaisical Attitude

As an intern, your employer will not appreciate you having a lackadaisical attitude because you are expected to give your best. A carefree attitude gives a negative impression about who you are and your abilities. As such, endeavour to be professional in your conduct and execution of tasks. The most important thing about the internship is the relevant skills you’ll acquire through your work experience. Make the best of it.

2. Don’t be an island

One of the benefits of being professional is growing your network. The internship experience is a great opportunity to meet great minds in the field and build profitable relationships and partnerships. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you choose to be an island.

3. Refusing to entertain Feedback

To become the best in your field, you need to embrace feedback. Feedback helps you see areas that need improvement and those that should be maintained. It also helps you sharpen your skills, professional inclinations, and ability to make the right career choices. If you don’t get any feedback, solicit for it.

4. Being unwilling to Learn

Internships provide an amazing opportunity to learn more about many aspects of your profession. It would, therefore, be an effort in futility to go there without a willingness or humility to learn. Doing so would also limit your chances of possible employment in the future. Endeavour to keep the relationship with the organization symbiotic.

5. Not keeping in Touch

When you keep in touch, you show your employer and co-workers that you are interested in working with them subsequently. Failure to do so could be interpreted as a lack of interest to be part of the organization should the opportunity present itself. Be in the know of the organization’s progress and indicate your interest to work there in future.

6. Not being Inquisitive

Employers expect interns to be inquisitive, this shows interest to learn and grow the company. So, ask intelligent and relevant questions around the job and career on a daily basis. Don’t just sit back and assume things. Remember that the internship is your opportunity to leverage the expertise and experience of those ahead of you.

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