Getting great letters of recommendation is one of the most important requirements for college admissions. Letters of recommendation should be written by people who know and believe in you. They are expected to convince college admission officers that you deserve to study in the colleges you apply to. So, how can you get great letters of recommendation for college admissions? Here are some useful tips:

1. Develop cordial Relationships

Students need to maintain cordial relationships with their lecturers, counsellors and other members of staff. This is because these relationships will be instrumental in influencing the decisions of admission officers and employers. Be kind, show respect, work hard, be active in class, follow instructions. With a good track record, your lecturers/counsellors would be delighted to write recommendation letters to your dream school.

2. Ask humbly in Person

When asking for recommendation letters, be polite and make the request in person, this indicates humility and respect. Emails may not be the best way to ask for recommendations. But if it becomes necessary, a phone call will be very important to make the recommender aware of your request.


3. Make your request Early

The request for a recommendation should be made long before the deadline. Endeavour to notify your recommenders in time to give them ample time to write and hand them over to you before the deadline of submission. Asking for a recommendation at short notice is easier to get away with if you’ve developed a strong relationship with your recommender.

 4. Choose the right Recommenders

Choose recommenders who know you and would be able to draft letters that portray who you really are. Good letters contain some details, examples, and bits of information that bring the candidates to life before the readers. Good letters might also provide information about students’ intellectual growth and development over time.

Also, note that if your major is History and International Studies, your recommenders should be your History teacher and academic counsellors. Choose the right recommenders to write your letters so that they will be relevant for your admission.

5. Provide adequate Information

Having received affirmative responses from your recommenders, endeavour to provide them with adequate information. This information will help them write compelling letters to the admission officers. You can provide your resume, personal statement, statement of purpose, list, addresses and application deadlines of the colleges you’re applying to.

Also, include the recommendation forms to be completed and an envelope for the letter to be sent to the guidance office. Equally include stamped, addressed envelopes for the colleges applied to if your recommenders need to send them directly. Don’t forget to include your personal address and a short note saying thank you.

Letters of recommendation for college admissions are considered very important because they reveal your intellectual strength, weaknesses and relationships.

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