Ashesi University College, Ghana, is now accepting applications from qualified students who need financial assistance for the 2013 MasterCard/Ashesi Scholarship Program.
The scholarship is facilitated by a $13 million partnership with The MasterCard Foundation in Canada. All scholarship recipients will also receive priority for a campus job to help meet their financial need. Students will typically work 10 hours or less each week and use the income earned for personal expenses. Students who do not receive scholarships are still eligible for admission and for campus job opportunities.
Ashesi is one of Africa’s best private universities founded by Patrick Awuah, a Ghanaian who has spent over 15 years living and working in the United States.
The mission of Ashesi University College is to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate within our students the critical thinking skills, the concern for others and the courage it will take to transform a continent.
Worth of Awards

  • Applicants are considered on the basis of documented financial need and upon a thorough assessment by the Ashesi Scholarship Committee of all information gathered during the admissions process for each candidate.
  • Based on your financial aid request, you are placed into one of three categories: Extreme Need (over $5,000),
  • High Need (between $3,500 – $5,000),
  • Medium Need (between $2000 – $3,500)
  • or Low Need (less than $2,000).
  • For each category of aid, there is a set amount of financial aid Ashesi can award.
  • Students who win scholarships will be eligible for full or partial financial support to cover their tuition fees, text books, housing, and meals.
  • In addition, 40 scholarship recipients will receive laptops each year.


  • Typically, scholarships are awarded to students from low income and middle income families. Any family that cannot afford the full fees should complete a financial aid application form and turn it in with their admissions application.
  • The Scholarship Committee will determine the amount of your award on the basis of demonstrated need and the strength of your application. Students in each category are ranked based on the competitiveness of their admissions application.
  • Students who receive scholarships typically achieve mostly A’s and B’s on their transcripts and national exam results.
  • As long as you and your family can continue to demonstrate financial need, you can expect that your scholarship award will be renewed annually.
  • The Scholarship Committee meets annually to assess the financial status of each scholar’s family. You may be asked to submit updated bank statements, pay slips and other supporting documents to verify your family’s financial standing

How to Apply

  • You can download financial aid forms on their website or pass by their main campus in Berekuso.
  • Submit your financial aid application form with your admissions application. You cannot apply for a scholarship after you have been admitted.
  • A letter requesting why you need a scholarship is required.
  • Families will also be required to submit bank statements, pay slips and any other relevant documentation. The more information you can include to support your inability to pay the full fees, the easier it will be to process your request.

Deadline: Regular admission application deadline is 31st July 2013
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