International students faced with interviews seek to impress university admission officers across the globe. Some students, out of fear, lack of preparation or some other intervening factors fail to impress during admission interviews. Once again we’ve come to the rescue to show you how to impress admission officers in global universities.

Essentially, it’s important to avoid letting fear to prevent your personality, enthusiasm, and passion for your chosen field from showing forth. In fact, strive to present the best statements capable of captivating your audience. Here are some ways to do that

  • Good Grades + Strong Personality 

Impressing admission officers in global universities requires a combination of good grades and a strong personality. Your academic performance will be scrutinized alongside your personality. The focus is on how well you’ve developed beyond academics. What are your strengths? Be sure to project them.

  • Project Your Skills

You can impress admission officers by revealing you had a life outside academics. If you had taken leadership roles while in high school, it would be to your advantage. This is because you would be perceived to be skilled in problem solver, team building, communication, etc. If you’ve engaged in an internship program, started a business/club or engaged in community service, mention it. These skills are selling points for admission.

  • Highlight Your Passion

You have to be prepared to list your achievements is a way that will impress admission officers in whichever universities you apply to. You don’t save the best achievement for the last. Launch with the best of your achievements with a focus on revealing your passion. Do well to point out your intention to continue working to improve on your passion. By so doing, you create a good impression.

  • Endeavour to be Vast and Resourceful

  • You can impress admission officers by showing how knowledgeable you are through your conversations. The relevance of knowing a little bit about other things aside academics can, therefore, not be overemphasized. Possessing communication and listening skills is very important and would help you respond intelligibly. When it comes to writing, endeavour to avoid mistakes bordering on spellings, punctuations and sentence structure. Basically, adequate preparation is key to achieving success so best of luck at the interview.

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