Krypto Labs, the global business technology incubator with a unique ecosystem for funding ground-breaking startups, offers Drone X Challenge (DXC) in 2020.

DXC aims at accelerating the practical deployment of drones in key applications focusing on transportation and delivery. DXC will support innovative solutions that tackle two major challenges: payload capacity, and flight endurance.

The overall challenge timeline is divided into 3 phases and a final event. During the challenge, teams will have to design, develop and demonstrate their drone systems according to the specifications of the chosen category.

• Phase I – Drone Design Proposal: this phase requires to provide a technical proposal.
• Phase II – Develop an MVP: this phase requires to provide a technical document demonstrating an MVP and a video demonstrating a functional drone based on the proposed design.
• Phase III – Demonstrate: this phase requires to provide a technical document detailing an MVP that achieves minimum criteria as per subcategory and a video demonstrating the MVP capabilities.

Worth of Award

Winners receive a US$1.5+ Million (US$1 Million Final Prize and US$500,000+ in R&D Grants) in the global challenge that is pushing the frontiers of R&D and innovation in drone technologies.


DXC 2020 is open to entrepreneurs, start-ups, R&Ds, university students and companies. The winner should offer an innovative, inventive, or disruptive product/service, which is agile, original, and has scalable commercial applications.

Drone X Challenge has two categories:
• Fixed Wing Drones
• Multi-Rotors Drones

Points will be awarded based on the technical and commercial capabilities of the drones meeting or exceeding the Drone X Challenge requirements. Bonus points will be accredited to innovative commercial applications demonstrating:
• Advanced Control Systems
• State-of-the-Art Avionics
• Swift Maneuverability
• Scalability
• Fault Tolerance
• Autonomous Navigation

How to Apply

Visit the link on their website to apply

Deadline: Applications close November 15, 2019, 18:00:00 +04 


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