Studying abroad can be a dream come true, exhilarating, challenging and expensive all in one mix. But your certificate will receive world-class recognition so it’s worth it right? Well, one way to speed up your study experience is through summer classes. Do you know how to access financial aid for summer classes as international students? Let’s show you how.

Before we go further, it might interest you to know that summer classes help students balance part-time jobs. It also gives more flexibility in academic schedules, saves money and enhances early graduation in some cases. However, it’s important to figure out how to pay for these classes so, let’s get to the meat of the matter, shall we?

Federal Pell Grants

This is awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need. To receive the grant, students are expected to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA form. To determine your eligibility, a number is generated from the expected family contribution, EFC.

A number of factors determine the amount a student receives. They include the cost of attendance at the chosen institution. There’s also student’s enrollment status; i.e part time/full time and the amount of the academic year he or she plans to attend. The maximum Pell Grant is $6,195 for the 2019-20 award year. To be eligible for the additional funds, students must first be eligible to receive Pell Grant funds for the award year. They must also be enrolled at least half time.


Scholarships are another source of financial aid for summer classes for international students. This is because scholarship providers offer opportunities year-round. Fortunately, a student’s school or state may have grants specifically for summer classes. Some institutions also provide credit discounts in the summer months. Utah Valley University, for instance, offers in-state tuition to all students during the summer semester regardless of their nationality.

The benefit of these grants and scholarships is that unlike loans, they don’t need to be repaid by international students. It, therefore, takes away the financial strain students feel when studying abroad.

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