sha PEC-G Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Brazil 2021

PEC-G Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Brazil 2021

The Ministry of External Relations (MRE), through the Division of Educational Themes (DCE), and the Ministry of Education (MEC) is offering the PEC-G scholarship in 2021/22 academic session.

The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G), officially created in 1965 by Decree 55,613 and currently ruled by Decree 7,948/2013, provides students from developing countries with which Brazil maintains educational, cultural or scientific and technological agreements the opportunity to pursue their undergraduate studies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Worth of Award

PEC-G students may apply to receive scholarships and/or their return ticket home at the end of their course from the Brazilian Government, in some specific cases.

  • Merit Scholarship: offered to PEC-G students with remarkable academic performance after their first year of graduation studies in Brazil. In addition to the monthly grant, students can also receive the return airfare to their home country after completing graduation.
  • MRE Scholarship: offered to PEC-G students of non-federal IES who find themselves in financial need after their first year of graduation studies in Brazil.
  • Emergency Scholarship: offered in exceptional cases, to PEC-G students who find themselves extreme financial hardship of unexpected order.
  • Air return ticket: In some cases, DCE may grant the graduated student the air ticket to their country of origin.

All DCE/MRE scholarships are granted for a period of one semester (six months), subject to renewal.


  • Be a citizen and resident of a country participating in the PEC-G;
  • Must be between 18 years of age and preferably up to 23 years of age;
  • Have a high school diploma in a country other than Brazil, with an overall arithmetic mean of 60% or more and a final grade in the official language course of your country (English, French, Portuguese or Spanish) ) equal to or greater than 60%;
  • The candidate who did not finish high school until the date of enrollment in the PEC-G can apply and must present the Certificate of Completion of the high school in the act of enrollment in the Brazilian HEI, if selected.
  • Possess the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners – Celpe-Bras.
  • The candidate coming from a country where Celpe-Bras does not have to apply, must take the said exam in Brazil, once, after completing the Portuguese for Foreigners course preparatory to the exam, in accredited HEI.
  • NON-APPROVAL in the exam will terminate the student’s link with the Program, without possibility of appeal, and will imply the immediate return to the country of origin.

How to Apply

  • To participate, the candidate must present himself to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate ,where he/she may register for the selection process of the program.
  • It is important that he seeks information about the Higher Education Institutions participating in Brazil and the courses offered.
  •  At the time of registration, the candidate must indicate one or two-course options, and it is also possible to indicate two Brazilian cities where he would like to study.
  • Registration in PEC-G is totally free and must be done exclusively at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, without the need for intermediaries.

Deadline: Applications close on July 31, 2021.


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