5 Interesting Benefits of being an International Student Ambassador

Studying abroad is one experience international students look forward to. Being an international student ambassador is even more thrilling because you become the hub for information to students. This comes with a lot of benefits for any international student who becomes a student ambassador.

As an international student ambassador (ISA), you share knowledge about living and studying abroad to prospective and incoming international undergraduates and graduates. You give clarifications about application procedures of the university as well as help out at orientation during Freshers’ Week.

You could give presentations and run social media campaigns sometimes. The benefits include:

Information Hub for Students

Having become conversant with the nitty-gritty of the university, ISAs are in a great position to expose students to same. They let students understand the system of health care and insurance, various social/networking organizations or clubs available on campus. They also offer information on events which can furnish students’ skill sets, places to explore, things to do and not to, etc. There are also common words/phrases used by locals to learn. All these help students ease into university life comfortably.

Alternative Source of Income

International education is expensive so being an ISA affords you the opportunity to have an alternative source of income. The payment for IPAs may not cover all your expenses but it will go a long way in giving you financial stability in school. Institutions like Wake Tech provide ISAs with letters of recommendation upon request, Wake Tech insignia clothing as well as full tuition reimbursement. Awesome right!

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Great Resume Booster

ISAs garner a lot of experience and leadership skills such as public speaking, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication. Others are teamwork, public relations, customer service and multitasking. It’s equally easy for them to acquire letters of recommendation from their institutions because they have served well. This reflects positively on applications for employment as well as for future postgraduate applications.


As an ISA, you have a great opportunity to meet lots of new people/students from across the world. You also get to work hand-in-glove with university staff and fellow ISAs. Let’s just say you’re pretty much the students’ guardian angel and the relationships built here would be invaluable. They’ll come in handy when seeking for job and other opportunities. This is one of the major benefits of being an international student ambassador.

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Student Representatives

As the guardian angel for students, ISAs endeavour to resolve issues regarding students generally. Suffice it is to say that as ambassadors of the university, they seek to promote its image. Sometimes, they even travel to other schools and study fairs to tell what it is like studying at their respective institutions.

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