The 2014-2015 INSEAD Freddy Salem Scholarship is open to students from West African who apply to the MBA programme at INSEAD Business School as a way of developing business talent for the region.
Candidates for the award must demonstrate positive attitude to business and financial management.
Worth of Award: Up to €20,000

  • Must be from West African Countries. Preferably Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin.
  • Must have a strong likelihood of spending the better part of their working careers in West a Africa.
  • Must have aptitude for business and financial management

How to Apply
Applicants should refer to the INSEAD Need- based scholarship pages on their website (see links below ) and submit their application and background material accordingly.
Deadline: Application for the 2013/2014 scholarships are in stages
Round one: Application closes 13 February for July class
Round two: Application closes 22 august for December class.
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