Finding yourself in a new environment may not be as easy for you as a student. It is especially challenging when you’re trying to understand the language(s) spoken, the culture, and climate of your host country.
However, these challenges are surmountable when international students build relationships in their host communities.
It is very important for host communities to feel the presence and impact of international students around them, academically or otherwise. As a student, endeavour to make a positive impact which people will remember and appreciate you for. Are you thinking of building a smooth relationship in your host community as an international student? Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Engage in community voluntary work

As an international student, avail yourself to perform community services such as cleaning gutters, roads, cutting flowers, etc. These services show your spirit of unity and humility and would strengthen your relationship with the natives. It also shows your concern for the community and offers you the opportunity to make friends. Indulging in sporting activities within your community is another way to bond.

2.  Maintain a cordial relationship

Maintaining a good relationship is very important in every community you find yourself. Relate well and respect the people around you and avoid social vices that could tarnish your image. Build a good reputation in your community that will make people miss you after your studies abroad.

3. Attend community events

Attending cultural or any kind of community event is very important for you as an international student. It offers you the opportunity to know more about the custom, culture and tradition of the host community. Show respect and value the culture, indicate interest in their cultural events, and learn their history. Feel free to offer support that makes you distinctive among other international students.

4. Step outside your front door

Sometimes, after a stressful day, it is important to hang out on your front porch or lawn. Get to know your neighbourhood and maintain a smooth and long-lasting relationship with your neighbours. If possible, get phone contacts and create a neighbourhood chat group. Render a helping hand where necessary and show you care, these will strengthen your relationship with the people around you.

5. Share information and cultural history

Communication builds trust. Share information that will help other students to be successful in their host communities. For example, share information about upcoming events available for them to attend. Assist new students with information that will benefit them while studying abroad. You can also share the cultural history of your host community to newcomers to help them know more about the community or country.

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