Dataville Solutions, Nigeria, invites suitably qualified, competent and self-motivated undergraduate university students with passion for academic research to fill the positions of data entry officers on freelance basis.
Job Profile
Eligible candidates with passion for academic research across the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria to become data entry team members. Successful candidates will be responsible for overseeing effective management of empirical research and data analysis in the academia (with more emphasis at undergraduate level) in their various institutions across the country. To be reporting directly to the Director of Research Dataville Solutions Nigeria via online portal­support
Broad Roles
•Receiving various academic clients.
•Coordinate undergraduate and graduate students’ analytical research and data analysis management.
•Log and follow up clients’ various requests on various Dataville Solutions Web Portals (­sitemap) .
•Working collaboratively with clients and communicating complex recommendations and findings in non-technical terms.
•Billing consulting services.
How to Apply
Undergraduates in the areas of Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Education with average CGPA, excellent Internet skills, and fair knowledge of Microsoft Excel should apply by click here
Deadline: May 24, 2013