Efficient Ways International Students can take Lecture Notes

Attending lectures is a basic requirement for students who desire to attain academic excellence. International students who pay rapt attention during lectures find it most convenient to take down lecture notes. These lecture notes are key to ensuring you are up to speed with the topics taught whenever you retire to study.

In considering the efficient ways international students can take lecture notes, a lot of factors will be dissected because taking lecture notes is one sure path to academic success.

  • Write down useful Notes

While lectures are on-going, students face the temptation of wanting to take down the lecturer’s every word. Doing this will distract you and make it difficult to allow the knowledge to sink. All you need to do is, strike a balance by taking down vital points made by the lecturer. You can also note down relevant contributions from colleagues in the course of the class.

  • Record the Lecture

If you’re a slow writer or can’t keep up with the lecturer’s fast pace, you can record the lecture using your smartphone or a dictaphone. This will help you type the notes after the class as well as listen to the recording repeatedly. You’re unlikely to miss anything vital by doing this.

  • Pay Attention
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Taking down lecture notes requires a level of concentration but sometimes, a student’s mind wanders when the lecture becomes boring. This makes learning mentally and physically exhausting however, it’s important to stay focused. Paying rapt attention in class will eliminate any tendency to miss relevant ideas or points shared.

  • Highlight Key Points 

When drafting your lecture note, highlight the vital points mentioned in class. When points are repeated or emphasized, it means they’re important, highlight them using a highlighter. You can underline the points using different colours of markers to make them prominent when reading.

  • Use Abbreviations

Making use of shorthand codes makes the compilation of lecture notes easy and fast. Since the notes are yours, what matters is developing and using codes that you understand. But take absolute care to ensure that abbreviations are not used to write examinations.

  • Get rid of Distractions

Friends, gadgets, social media and side talks prove to be a major distraction for international students while lectures are going on. Avoid such distractions by making the purpose of attending the lecture your priority. For instance, sitting in front of the class, taking down notes and preparing questions for the lecturer, is a good way to wade off distractions.

  • Leave Gaps
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Don’t belabour yourself trying to get all the lecturer says at once. You can leave gaps within your lecture note. After lectures, you can either play your recording or meet other colleagues to fill the gaps. This gives room for collaboration among students which is a major ingredient or strategy successful people leverage on.

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