Benefits of Emotional Intelligence for International Students

There is a strong correlation between students’ emotional intelligence and their classroom behaviour. This manifests itself such that students with low emotional intelligence may struggle to focus and have relationships with their peers and adults. It is therefore pertinent to discuss the benefits of emotional intelligence to international students.

Emotional intelligence can be said to cover five main areas: self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills. Students with low emotional intelligence struggle to communicate their feelings with peers/classmates while others show aggression.

Relationship Skills

One benefit of emotional intelligence is it facilitates students capacity for resilience, reasoning, stress management, and communication. It also enhances their ability to handle social situations and conflicts effectively. With emotional intelligence, students are afforded the opportunity to realize a more fulfilled and happy life. This is because they maintain healthy relationships and partnerships with other students, staff, family, friends and people in general.

Self Awareness

This enables students to know, understand and master their emotions as they interact with others and when they face challenges. Self-awareness makes students aware of how they feel about different things or situations as well as how it could affect others. Given that we’re social beings, it helps students employ wisdom and grace when building perspectives and relating to people.

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Emotional Control

The benefits of emotional intelligence include self-control which is key in helping students manage their emotions effectively. Knowing that the academic experience is a mesh of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, EI students are able to manage the effects of both situations. They draw lessons from failures and unpleasant experiences to chart a better course in life. From successes and pleasant experiences, they draw lessons to improve their skills. They take responsibility for their lives and rather than play the blame game.


People react to and handle different situations differently. Thus EI students are able to identify with the feelings of other students and therefore relate with them accordingly. They are humane and graceful in their approach to and assessment of people’s reactions to situations. They are equally able to communicate their feelings in a courteous manner.

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Self Motivation

EI students are aware that life is not a bed of roses; they understand that challenges are the building blocks of life. Therefore, they stay self-motivated through their academic journey at the university rather than chicken out at every challenge. They make the best of their study experience by riding on the wings of challenges and exploring opportunities for success.

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