There are countless benefits of volunteering for international students as it comes with a total package embedded in experience, exposure and impact.

A good number of international students tend to be oblivious of the fact that volunteer work is of great value. Generally, volunteers assist people and animals. This act of service makes volunteers learn and adapt to new cultures while in pursuit of academic excellence. They also stand a chance to enjoy the benefits of volunteering which would be helpful to them in the long run.

The social, emotional and professional dividends of volunteering are amazing. It triggers an amazing connection with others as well as a sense of fulfilment. Little wonder that volunteers strive to give more of themselves. Knowing the benefits of volunteering for international students will motivate you to consider becoming one.

1. Volunteering builds communities

Building a community requires deliberate effort from stakeholders. Volunteers are major stakeholders in the quest to build communities. The activities of volunteers usually result in improved standards of living and living conditions of people. For instance, volunteers who provide free medical services in local communities bridge the gap in health care. By so doing, its inhabitants are made healthier and happier thus improving their living conditions. With honest engagement, volunteers learn more about communities, themselves and fellow volunteers. Philanthropists and investors through their benevolence, furnish communities with their needs.

2. It builds long-lasting relationships

Volunteering sees students from all over the world come together to contribute their quota to making the world a better place. This gives room for interaction and the establishment of strong and sustainable ties which have long-term positive effects. Little wonder you find collaborations in major startups. This is as a result of the bond created between volunteers and members of communities. Being a volunteer gives you a sense of belonging. It strengthens your resolve to be and do better being surrounded by people with similar interests or values.

3. It fosters emotional stability & improved self-esteem

You become a better person when you volunteer; in fact, your confidence level increases. Also, your ability to work with people comfortably becomes heightened. Being in the midst of like-minded people gives you the opportunity to share your ideas. Yet again, it affords you the opportunity to follow through on suggestions presented. Peradventure you had no motivation while going forth to volunteer, you’ll return fired up with a passion to do extraordinary things. This triggers a progressive sense of purpose within you.

4. Volunteering improves your school and college experience

Students who volunteer while in school tend to have a better outlook and appreciation of life. This is as a result of the exposure and experience gathered. This experience helps you acquire skills which will come in handy when seeking jobs. Also, memories of how much you contributed to making a positive impact in society will always be a source of pride and joy for you.

5. It provides better job prospects

Volunteers develop employability skills at each step of their volunteer experience. This makes them highly sought after in the labour market. Employers see volunteers as assets to their company/organization. Including your volunteer experience in your Curriculum Vitae gives employers the impression that you are innovative, a team player and a problem solver.

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