GoGettaz movement is inviting Entrepreneurs to apply for the Revolutionize Entrepreneurship Re-imagine Agri-Food competition Africa n 2019.

GoGettaz Agri-Food Competition Africa is an annual competition to identify innovative entrepreneurial ventures in the agri-food sector founded by young people (young, adult agri-food entrepreneurs, aged 35 and under) across the African continent.

Africa is rising. Across the continent, entrepreneurs launch start-ups, cultivate growing businesses and scale breakthrough ventures. They recognize untapped opportunities and are skyrocketing productivity and innovation through private sector-led investment, diversification, and competition wherever the policy environment is conducive. Africa’s next generation brings a youthful entrepreneurial spirit which, when matched with education, support, and investment, accelerates technology-enabled, inclusive growth and job creation.

Worth of Award

The winners of the GoGettaz Agri-Food Competition Africa wins an award of $50,000.


To be considered eligible for the Agri-Food Competition Africa,

  • applicants must be from an African continent
  • be an innovative entrepreneurial venture in the agri-food sector

How to Apply

  • Complete the full online application by no later than the deadline.
  • Please review the questions early in the process so you have enough time to prepare thoughtful responses. The application includes questions such as:
  • Give an example of your entrepreneurial mindset.”
  • How does your venture make money?”
  • Who are your main customers?”
  • Who are your main competitors?”
  • What are your biggest business challenges so far and how have you overcome them?”
  • Applicants must fill out each section of the application to be considered. Be sure to allow enough time to complete all sections.


Deadline: Application closes July 21, 2019.


Click here for more details and to apply

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