The University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy invites applications for Don’t miss your chance Scholarships competition for masters students in 2019.

La Sapienza provides citizens, institutions, businesses and users in general with a portal entirely dedicated to transparency. In compliance with Legislative Decree 33/2013 (as amended by Legislative Decree 97/2016) information concerning the organization and activity of Sapienza University of Rome is accessible, in order to favour widespread forms of control over the pursuit of institutional functions and on the use of public resources.

Transparency contributes to implementing the democratic principle and the constitutional principles of equality, impartiality, good performance, responsibility, effectiveness and efficiency in the use of public resources, integrity and loyalty in service to the nation. It is a condition of guarantee of individual and collective freedoms, as well as civil, political and social rights, integrates the right to good administration and contributes to the creation of an open administration, at the service of the citizen.

Worth of Award

  • For the attribution of n. 11 two-year scholarships of € 4,300.00 for each year (gross of withholding taxes to be paid by the student and net of those paid by the University) for EU graduates (excluding Italian citizens) and non-EU students.
  • The winners are also exempt from paying tuition fees and must pay € 30.00 as a single contribution. Taxes not intended for the University are to be considered due, therefore the stamp duty of € 16.00 and the regional tax defined by the Lazio Region for the academic year must be paid. 2019/2020).


For participation in the competition, the candidate must possess the following requisites, on pain of exclusion, verified on the deadline of the call for applications:

  • university degree or equivalent qualification obtained at a foreign university that allows enrollment in a master’s degree course;
  • be a Community citizen (excluding Italian citizens) or a non-EU citizen;
  • age not exceeding 26 years (this admission requirement must be understood in the sense that, after the midnight of the twenty-sixth birthday, the person concerned has entered the twenty-seventh year of age, above the aforementioned limit); any increase in the age limits provided, even for other purposes, by the current legislation is excluded.

Participation in the competition is subject to payment of a contribution of € 35.00 to be made without fail by the deadline

How to Apply

  • First stage – Registration on Infostud
    Warning: candidates must keep the student number issued by Infostud in order to use it in the “Third Stage”, when applying online for admission to competition.
  • Second stage – Payment of slip: To make payment, students have to log in Infostud and download the slip by following the instructions of the Tutorial – payment and entering 13009 as code of course.
  • Third Stage: Payment may be made online by means of credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
    according to the modalities described.

Deadline: The application for admission to the competition must be mandatorily filled-in, within June 27, 2019, under penalty of exclusion.


Click here for more details and to apply

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