Student Well-Being: Top 7 Places to seek Help in times of Need

As an international student, there are times when you will need a bit of support academically, emotionally and otherwise. It’s good to know that there are lots of people looking out for your well-being – and not just on an academic level. Don’t ever be afraid of asking for help while experiencing a crisis in your life.  For student well-being, here are the top 7 places to seek help in times of need.

It seems that nowadays postgraduate students are experiencing more mental health challenges than the previous generations. This trend seems to be on the rise in many universities. Most times, students are afraid to ask for help for the fear of discrimination both within the educational and professional surroundings. This jeopardizes their academic achievement and reduces the quality of the university experience.

If you’re a postgraduate student in the UK experiencing any kind of emotional problems, here’s an overview of the student well-being support system you can access in universities:

1.    Postgraduate Tutors

Your postgraduate tutor is usually the first person to ask for advice. The tutor may help you to think clearly about the possible solutions to your problems. Alternatively, you may be directed to some more qualified person for help.

2.    Student Welfare Officers

Most universities have their student welfare officers who can help you with personal problems. They can also guide you on where to seek further help within the university.

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3.    Research Supervisor

Many supervisors are willing to help with your personal problems. They are willing to make your studies a more pleasant experience. If you have a cordial relationship with your supervisor he/she may be the person to talk to.

4.    University Counselling Service

Most universities have counselling services to help postgraduate students with any problems associated with psychological and emotional well-being. Counsellors can usually help you with more severe mental health problems than postgraduate tutors or student welfare officers. So if you feel that you are close to the edge, the best option is to contact your university’s counselling service.

5.    Charity Organisations Dedicated to Students’ Mental Health

In the UK, there are various charity organizations that provide university students with a support base. This support base is in case students have any problems with psychological well-being. One such charity is the University Mental Health Advisers Network (UMHAN).

6.    Self-Help

Not everyone would want to share your personal well-being problems with someone else. Fortunately, there are many resources that you can use on your own to make your problems less severe. Firstly, many students who have experienced psychological problems write their own blogs. You can use some of their experience to enhance your own well-being. Furthermore, web pages of many university counselling services have information on how to overcome specific mental health problems. Check what is available at your own institution.

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7.    What else to do?

The Royal College of Psychiatrists reports that peer contacts, religious affiliation, or establishing a social network seem to minimize the risk for psychological well-being associated problems. Therefore, when you come to a UK university for a postgraduate course, join some university societies that you like. Establish a group of friends, and spend enough time on leisure activities. If international students, the easiest way to find friends may be to join the society of students from your country. Also, if you feel lonely during the holidays you can spend a few days with a British family.

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