MBA Scholarship at Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden 2021

Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden invites applications for the MBA Scholarship in the 2021/2022 academic session. This scholarship is based on a cooperation between Dagens Industri, and Stockholm School of Economics.

SSE MBA Executive Format gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills in terms of leading and developing companies and organizations. During the course of the program, you work throughout both large and small learning projects that give direct effect to your organization.

During the course, study trips abroad are also made. In order to become a research fellow, an academic degree corresponding to 180 higher education credits, at least five years’ relevant work experience, very good English skills and that the employer supports participation in the education is required. Please note that costs for testing, travel, food and accommodation will be added. If you have applied for the scholarship earlier years but have not received it, you are of course welcome to apply again.

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Worth of Award

it covers the full tuition fee of SEK 495.000 + VAT for SSE MBA Executive Format.


The scholarship is given to a person who is expected to serve as a good ambassador for Sweden, through his/her leadership and responsible business development. In particular the candidates’ potential and experience in the following areas are reviewed:

  • creating new value through entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship
  • promoting sustainable business in an international market
  • with (at least) a Bachelor degree, a high level of English proficiency and a minimum of five years relevant work experience

How to Apply

The application process is open. Go to the website to nominate or apply for the scholarship.

12 to 15 of the applicants are asked to provide a full application for the SSE MBA program, and out of these, 5 to 7 finalists are selected and will be interviewed and presented to the jury. The jury consists of representatives from Dagens Industri, and Stockholm School of Economics. The jury selects the recipient of the scholarship.

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Deadline: Apply on June 18, 2021, at the latest.


Click here for more details and to apply