The National Center on Disability and Journalism at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the USA is accepting entries for the 2019 Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability.

The Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability is administered each year by the NCDJ. It is supported by a gift from Katherine Schneider, a retired clinical psychologist who also supports the Schneider Family Book Award, honouring the best children’s book each year that captures the disability experience for children and adolescents. That award is administered by the American Library Association.

Schneider, who has been blind since birth, said she hopes the award will help journalists improve their coverage of disability issues, moving beyond “inspirational” stories that don’t accurately represent the lives of people with disabilities.

“That kind of stuff is remarkable, but that’s not life as most of us live it,” Schneider said.

The NCDJ, which has been housed at the Cronkite School since 2008, offers resources and materials for journalists covering disability issues and topics, including a widely used disability language stylebook in both English and Spanish.

Worth of Award

  • Winners will receive a total of $17,000 in cash awards for first-, second- and third-place finishes in large media and small media categories.
  • First-place winners in each category will be awarded $5,000 and are invited to the Cronkite School to give a public lecture in fall 2019.
  • Second-place winners will receive $2,000; third-place winners receive $1,000; and honourable mention winners are awarded $500.


  • Journalists working in digital, print and broadcast media are eligible to enter. Entries are accepted from outside the U.S., although the work submitted must be in English. There is no entry fee.
  • Entries must have been published or aired between July 1, 2018, and July 31, 2019.
  • Large Media Market Awards
    Large includes: Radio—top 20 radio market size (according to Nielsen ratings); Television—network or syndicated TV and Top 20 markets; Print—150,000 circulation or greater (largest single day, including digital replica); and wire services; and magazines, weeklies and online-only media with a primary focus on a regional or national audience.
  • Small Media Market Awards
    Small includes: Radio—below top 20 radio market size (according to Nielsen ratings); Television—below Top 20 markets; Print—150,999 circulation (largest single day, including digital replica); and magazines, weeklies and online-only media with a primary focus on a state, city, metro area or county.

Entries are judged by professional journalists and experts on disability issues based on the following criteria.

  • Explore and illuminate key legal or judicial issues regarding the treatment of people with disabilities;
  • Explore and illuminate government policies and practices regarding disabilities;
  • Explore and illuminate practices of private companies and organizations regarding disabilities;
  • Go beyond the ordinary in conveying the challenges experienced by people living with disabilities and strategies for meeting these challenges;
  • Offer balanced accounts of key points of controversy in the field and provide useful information to the general public;
  • Special consideration will be given to entries that are accessible to those with disabilities. For example, broadcast pieces that are available in transcript form and text stories that are accessible to screen readers. All entries will be published on the NCDJ website in accessible formats.

How to Apply

Application is online via their website on the link below

Deadline: The deadline to enter is Aug. 5, 2019.


Click here for more details and to apply

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