As a world economic power, China has become an intriguing place to study abroad for international students. Students will enjoy a rigorous but comprehensive education experience and are guaranteed improved career prospects. Apart from being exposed to excellent teaching, they will immerse in the Chinese culture which will deepen their intellectual horizon. Studying abroad could be a dream come true if you know How to answer common Chinese study visa interview questions.

Visa interview is an important step to the final confirmation of your student visa approval.  it is crucial that you prepare for the student visa interview and address all concerns of the visa officer. Like every other visa interview, preparing for a Chinese study visa interview is not mincemeat. It’s absolutely important for you to prepare adequately for the interview as he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Here’s a guide on how to answer the common Chinese study visa interview questions.

  1. Why do you want to study in China?

With this question, you are required to convince the visa officer(s) that studying is the only thing on your mind. You can talk about your previous and future study plans, the research facilities, global exposure and opportunities, the education system, as well as your inability to find something similar in your country. This is one of the most common Chinese study visa interview questions.

How to Answer

You can say, “China is a world economic power which has opened its doors to international students. This gives students a unique experience which will be valuable in the workplace and helps them become more independent. It is a centre of excellence especially in Physics and many of its institutions are research-based. The University of Science and Technology boasts of a Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale. Thus it became an obvious choice for me being that I studied Physics for my 1st degree.”

2. Why did you choose this specific University?

This can be a tricky one but feel free to reveal how you found out about the university. The interviewer wants to be sure you are knowledgeable about your chosen institution. Talk about its ranking China wise/worldwide, and its research facilities. Also talk about the faculty profile, alumni profile and the best aspects of your chosen department, etc. Feel free to go through the university website and handbook for more details.

How to Answer

You can simply say, “The University of Science and Technology (USTC) is the third best in China and 93rd globally. This is according to the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking 2019. It cites research strengths in fields such as quantum manipulation, nanotechnology, and high-temperature superconductivity. In fact, it boasts of a National Synchrotron Radiation Facility. It is known for its cutting-edge technology as well as developing talented individuals I learned about this university through an online post I saw on Scholars Hub Africa. I got really impressed with its Faculty and the course curriculum is similar to what I want to study.”

3. How many universities have you applied to?

The interviewer(s) seek to know if you really desire to study abroad and how much effort you’ve made thus far. It is expected that if you strongly desire to study abroad, you would have applied to a few other universities. When answering this question, be totally honest. Mention all the schools you applied to as well as if you were accepted or rejected.

How to Answer

Your answer could be, “I have also applied to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. At the moment, I haven’t gotten any response from any of the schools I applied to but I’m optimistic that I will receive a favourable response soon.”

4. How will you Fund your Education?

You need to convince the interviewer that you can afford to turn your dreams into reality. Without proving that you have sufficient funds, you won’t get the visa. So make a strong case for yourself.

How to Answer

Your answer can be, “I’m currently on full scholarship which covers my tuition fees and other necessities.  Or I’ll receive support from my dad who has worked for 30 years in a reputable bank in my country. He now has his own consultancy firm.”

5. What are your Future plans?

This is another tricky question so be careful how you answer it. Your answer should reflect clarity of thought, intentions and strong ties to your home country. Mention that the only purpose of your visit to China is for studies. Show that you DO NOT intend to settle there in the future. This is one of the most common Chinese study visa interview questions.

How to Answer

“After acquainting myself with the latest technologies in China, I intend to transfer that knowledge to my home country. Researchers at Harvard and MIT have been able to attach special RNA strands, to nanoparticles and fill them with a chemotherapy drug. These RNA strands are attracted to cancer cells and when they encounter a cancer cell, it adheres to it. Then it releases the drug into the cancer cell. This method has great potential for treating cancer patients while producing less side or harmful effects than those produced by conventional chemotherapy. I’m particularly interested in this application of Nanotechnology and intend to work with the Lakeshore Cancer Centre, Lagos. With this form of technological transfer from the USTC, I believe cancer patients in Nigeria will be given a better chance to live. ” This could be your simple and straight forward answer.”

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