Canada is a very popular and beautiful country. Many international students dream of studying in Canada. Interestingly, it is known as the second Punjab of India. To fulfil the study abroad dream, individuals are required to obtain the Canada Student Visa. Afterwards, they will be required to attend an interview. This is aimed at verifying the information provided through their documents and to assess whether it is actually true.  The interviewer(s) also wants to judge the real reasons why students want to study in Canada. So brace yourself as we dive into some of the Common Canadian Study Visa Interview Questions and how to answer them.

  1. Why do you want to study in Canada?

This question requires you to convince the visa officer(s) that studying is the only thing on your mind when you go to Canada. You can talk about your previous and future study plans, the research facilities, global exposure and opportunities, the education system, as well as your inability to find something similar in your country. This is one of the most common Canadian study visa interview questions.

How to Answer

You can say, “Canada is the centre of excellence especially in Medicine and provides quality education by making students gain knowledge in practical ways. Many of its institutions are research-based. e.g McMaster’s medical school is world-renowned for its Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute so it is quite an obvious choice for me.”

2. Why did you choose this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?

When answering this question, be very clear about how this is relevant to your previous degree and the value it adds to your profile. Also, say why you are interested in this course, its relevance to your future professional field and how it can help you transform your dream to reality.

How to Answer

Your answer can be, “I studied Law in my first degree in Nigeria and desire to study International Law and Diplomacy in my second degree here. Clearly, the second is an extension of the first. I have got a strong interest in this field because I am interested in promoting world peace. A clear understanding of international law, politics and international relations will help me promote peace especially in crisis-stricken countries in Africa. I can do this as an ambassador or a diplomat.”

3.  Why did you choose this university and how did you find it?

This can be a tricky one but feel free to reveal how you found out about the university. The interviewer wants to be sure you are knowledgeable about your chosen institution. So talk about its ranking Canada wise/worldwide, its research facilities, faculty profile, alumni profile, the best aspects of your chosen department, etc. Also, feel free to go through the university website and handbook for more details.

How to Answer

You can simply say, “The University of Alberta is ranked as the 6th Best in Canada according to the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking 2019. It is renown especially in the field of Palaeontology. I learned about this university while surfing on the net and then visited its official website for more details. I really got impressed with its Faculty which includes world-famous dinosaur experts. Also, the course curriculum is similar to what I want to study.

4. How will you Fund your Education?

You need to convince the interviewer that you can afford to turn your dreams into reality. Without proving that you have sufficient funds, you won’t get the visa. So make a strong case for yourself.

How to Answer

Your answer can be, “I’m currently on a partial scholarship which covers my tuition fees. I will also receive support from my dad who has worked for 30 years in FirstBank Nigeria Plc. and now has his own consultancy firm.”

5. What are your future plans?

This is another tricky question so be careful how you answer it. Your answer should reflect clarity of thought, intentions and strong ties to your home country. Mention that the only purpose of your visit to Canada is for studies and you DO NOT intend to settle there in the future.

How to Answer

“The steady growth in Nigeria’s economy will open many avenues for me to start my firm, I’m confident. After acquainting myself with the latest technologies in Canada, I look forward to transferring that knowledge to my home country as well as in starting my Law Firm.” This could be your simple and straight forward answer.

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