Most often, university admission interviews are about getting to know why an applicant is interested in the school and what that international student can bring to campus. In some cases, however, interviewers will spice the meeting up with unexpected questions to see how students respond under pressure. It is therefore very important for you to how to answer common USA Admission Interview Questions.

 1. Tell Me About Yourself

This question seems easier than it is but tries to say or show what makes you different from other applicants. This brief explanation about who you are should picture your true self. Make sure you always maintain eye contact with your interviewer(s), be consistent and smile to get good feedback in return. Describe your interests and a few personality traits that connect to the university and the subject you are taking.

What to say

Tell your interviewer about your my hobbies, interests, favourite, and what you don’t like. Example: ” I always love doing things the right way. I also enjoy taking care of animals especially horses, this influenced my decision to study Animal Care.” This indicates that you are a serious person and you know exactly what you want.

 2. Why Are You Interested In This College?

This question is usually asked to know your interest in the program you want to study. You should be able to explain some values, qualities and extracurricular activities that attracted you to the college. Do not talk about the ranking system of the school or the fact that your parents graduated from the school. Try to find out about the history of the college before going for the interview.

What to say

After your thorough search on the college, you are going to, you can answer your interviewer base on the following reasons

  • that you understand what makes this college different and special.
  • that you’ll be a good fit at this school.
  • that this college will, in turn, be a good fit for you to study.
  • Your answer can be “I chose Harvard university because the student-faculty ratio is 6:1 meaning that I can easily access my professors whenever I need help or assistance. Also, as an aspiring International Law and Diplomacy expert, I look forward to studying at Harvard because it has one of the most reputable Law Schools in the world and will boost my career greatly. Finally, as an athelete, I’m confident that I will add value to the NCAA and will bring her many awards.”

 3. Why Do You Want to Major in?

If you’ve indicated that you want to major in a certain subject, you should be able to tell why you are passionate in that particular field. Why you think it’s fulfilling to grow in that career aspect. Do not talk about the financial aspect of the field you want.

What to say

You can say things like this.

  •  it’s the subject you enjoy studying.
  • To fulfil your dreams
  • You are interested in current and future developments
  • You have been influenced by personal experiences
  • Your answer could be “I want to major in International Law and Diplomacy because I want to be able to contribute my quota to promoting world peace by settling disputes that border on international relations.

 4. What Are Your Academic Strengths?

This question seeks to know your capabilities and how good you are, in your subject area.  When discussing your academic strengths, explain how you’ve capitalized on your strengths. If you’re an excellent writer, for example, how have you used your writing skills to excel in school? How do you plan on continuing to use your strengths? You should be able to explain how you recognized your strengths, how you’re currently using them, and how you plan to use them in the future.

What to say

Your answer could be “I am an excellent writer; I won the prize for the “Best Writer of the Year Award’ for undergraduates in Nigeria in 2018 and have published two books which are now being used as literary texts in some colleges in my home country. I am currently participating in some international writing competitions in the US and UK.”

5. What Are Your Academic Weaknesses? How Have You Addressed Them?

This is one of the toughest or most tricky of the common USA admission interview questions becuase colleges want to admit good students, but they’re aware everyone has strengths and weaknesses. They want to see that you have the persistence and work ethic to succeed by confronting and overcoming your challenges. Reveal strategies or specific approaches you’ve taken to improve your academic weaknesses using a personal experience if you like.

What to say

Try to know your weaknesses especially what you are not good at. Your answer could be “I have always had stage fright but one day, I had to make a presentation before my coursemates numbering 397. To do that, I prepared adequately by researching broadly and rehearsing multiple times on my own and then before my family and friends. On the D-Day, when I got on stage, I smiled, shared a joke that got everyone relaxed and laughing including myself. This helped me gain the confidence I needed and when I was done with my presentation, I had a standing ovation.”

6. What Do You Expect to Be Doing 10 Years From Now?

Just to set the record straight, you don’t need to have your entire future figured out. Colleges understand that you probably won’t have everything decided and your plans are likely to change. What they do want is students with direction who are motivated to achieve their goals. What are some specific activities you’d like to do? How do you plan on impacting the world? But your plans must not only focus on your profession, they could also be personal.

What to say

Paint a picture of the life you want to have in 10 years. That picture should reveal your uniqueness. Your answer could be “In 10 years from now, I would be a Professor of Law and would have given my first inaugural lecture. I would also own a farm where I’d breed pigs and goats for personal consumption as well as for commercial purposes.”

 7. Whom Do You Most Admire?

This question is more about why you admire the person you admire. The interviewer wants to see what character traits you value most in other people. Your response can focus on any figure, renown or not.

What to say

Think deeply about your response to this question. If the person you admire is somebody you know, practice by giving your answer to that person. You’ll know you’ve answered the question well if you’re rewarded with a hug or even a few tears from your audience.

Your answer could be, “I admire my mum the most because when our house went up in flames as a child, she recued my from the fire and suffered third degree burns. However, when she recoverd, she went back to farming and trading to sustain her family as a widow. This shows selflessness, love, doggedness, a refusal to give up and a passion to defy odds.”

8. What Do You Like to Do for Fun?

This question is designed to get a better sense of your general interests and overall personality. Avoid general answers such as “hang out with friends.”

What to say

Since you already know what you like to do for fun, your answer should clearly reveal why you enjoy these activities. Your anwer could be, “I love hunting with friends because it makes me explore the environment and teaches me survival instincts in the wild. It also gives me a better appreciation of nature.”

9. What Is an Obstacle You’ve Faced and How Did You Get Through It?

Colleges want to know if you’ve faced (and overcome) any significant challenges in your life little wonder that this is one of the common USA admission interview questions. They also want to see that you’re persistent and willing to work hard in order to overcome these obstacles.

What to say

Your answer should reflect on how you dealt with it, what you learnt from the problem, as well as if and how it changed or influenced the way you address similar problems. Your answer could be, “After failing an exam in school which could potentially cost me an exra year, I learnt the folly of being over-confident when I had made insufficient preparations. From that day on, I make sure to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s and do my very best.

 10. What Makes You Unique?

This question is essentially what separates you from other people. You can discuss a trait or multiple traits you possess, any uncommon interests or goals you may have, or a unique background if any.

What to say

When do you feel most comfortable? What makes you the proudest?

Your answer could be, “I can work under pressure and still maintain a cheerful disposition and when I feel overwhelmed by a situation, I make a song out of it, play my guitar and dance to my own rhythm.

Now that you know the common USA Admission interview questions and how to answer them, you are adequately equipped to navigate through the process seamlessly.

Good luck!

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