Still Legal in the USA is offering Climate grants to awardees with a clear vision for impacting climate and environmental justice in 2020.

Grants from Still-Legal have gone to youth and young adults who lead others in defending core values under special threat today: values such as climate protection, support for science, and a free press. Leading on climate action is the focus of Still-Legal! Climate Grants.

Climate Grants recognize the power of an individual’s ability to effect change. The grants are tactical and help successful young climate activists take advantage of opportunities and respond to challenges. Grants underwrite activities that have a positive impact on your community, such as carbon footprint reduction, community action, artistic and dramatic productions, organizing, training, and outreach.

Worth of Award

  • Applicants may request from $500 (five-hundred dollars, the smallest possible grant) to $3000 (three thousand dollars, the largest possible grant).
  • Grants may also be used toward supplemental expenses such as marketing, travel, materials, permits, and legal aid. In supporting your vision, creativity and persistence, Still-Legal’s aim is to support whatever is needed to keep your successful climate solutions project buzzing.


  • Young climate leaders age 13 to 30 who live in New England and New York.
  • Affiliation with a 501(c)3 organization is not required.

How to Apply

  • A nomination from a supporter is not necessary or expected. Nevertheless, Still-Legal! welcomes nominations from friends, family, and supporters.
  • To suggest a young climate leader, please send your email to Jim Stahl, Grants Leader, at [email protected]

Your application is a letter from you that:

  • Specifies the amount of your Climate Grant request,
  • Includes your name, address, date of birth, education, email address and phone number and (if desired) social media pages,
  • Describes in detail your intended or current climate leadership project and how your grant will be used. A spreadsheet may be attached for this purpose. Projects must be current or expected to begin within 120 days.
  • Describes your recent success in climate leadership and explains one key insight you’ve gained in your role as a leader,
  • Specifies any additional sources of funding for your project.
  • Includes the names and contact information of two (2) people who are willing to be contacted as references.

Applications may, though this step is not required, include one letter of support, which:

  • Is written by a supporter who can speak to your passion and success in leadership. The letter may be submitted by a mentor, coworker, teacher, family member or friend, and should include the writer’s email address and phone number. Recommenders must be at least sixteen years old.
  • Describes your recent leadership experience, to help the Still-Legal! team get a picture of your unique brand of leadership.
  • You may also submit additional support materials such as photographs, videos, handouts, art or music files, social media, etc.
  • Email your application by the deadline to [email protected] with the subject heading “Still-Legal Grant Application.” Attach supporting materials, including any letters of support, as PDF or Word files. Supporting photos, videos, etc., are welcome in commonly used file formats.

Deadline: Applications close on  May 15, 2020.  Early applications are encouraged as in some cases grant decisions are made on a rolling basis well before the deadline. Candidates are usually notified within 45 days of application.


Click here for more details and to apply

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