If you are going to Ethiopia for any reason, you will need a visa to enter the country. Whether you are going to do business or as a tourist or on transit or for vacation or for study, a visa will be your authority to enter and do anything in the country. The reason you want to travel to Ethiopia will determine the type of visa you apply for.

In this case, you want to go to Ethiopia to study, so the type of Visa you will need is Ethiopia student visa. Note that the best way to get your Ethiopia student Visa is to do it yourself. Here are some steps on how to apply for an Ethiopian Student Visa From Nigeria.

Ethiopia Student Visa Application Procedure

There are two methods of processing your student visa for Ethiopia. The first is through the Ethiopian Embassy and the second is by processing the visa online. The first option is the one available for Nigerians and the process is as follows:

  • Apply and secure admission in any institution of your choice in Ethiopia.
  • Obtain a visa application form at the Ethiopian embassy.
  • Carefully fill in your particulars, sign and date the form.

Ethiopian Student Visa Required Documents

Honest and complete documents are one of the criteria for getting your Ethiopian student visa. You don’t want to present any false documents or misstate any information. Below are the documents you must present at the Ethiopian Embassy for your Ethiopia student visa from Nigeria.

  • Valid Nigerian international Passport.
  • Copy of online application form which you have filled correctly.
  • Recent coloured passport size photographs.
  • Police Character/Clearance Certificate.
  • Vaccination Certificate against Yellow Fever.
  • A formal letter of application for student Visa from your institution in Ethiopia.
  • A copy of the letter of admission.
  • A copy of the letter of acceptance.
  • Copies of qualification documents.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of application.
  • Online payment receipt.
  • Financial Capability evidence.
  • Note that the consular officer might ask for other documents.

After the compilation of all the required documents, the visa applicant should submit them to the Ethiopian embassy.

Contact Details

Plot 332, Cadastral Zone AO,
Mission Road,
Central Area,
Telephone number +234 9 461 8642
Email address: [email protected]

If you’re a Nigerian seeking to study in Ethiopia, feel free to follow the aforementioned steps which are easy and straightforward to apply for a visa.


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