Ewha Womans University is offering the “International Exchange and Study Abroad Program” for  both undergraduate and graduate exchange and visiting students who are interested in a wide-range of studies such as Asia and Korea for the 2013 academic year.
Students have the option to study for one or two semesters at Ewha, in Seoul, South Korea as a non-degree seeking student. All international students enrolled in the program may register in any of the courses offered by Ewha, either in English or Korean, depending on their language proficiency.
Academic Schedule
Fall semester : September 1 to mid-December
Spring semester : March 2 to mid-June
To promote the relationship and collaboration among incoming international students Office of Global Affairs (OGA) holds an orientation session each term, a few days before the start of each semester. The orientation will help you discover almost everything you need to know about making your Ewha life entertaining, fun, informative, safe, healthy, successful, and interesting. Detail information on the date and other important matters will be informed to the enrolled students in advance.
 Worth of Awards
Application fee is waived for exchange program applicants
The programme is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any accredited institution of higher education that has formal exchange agreements with Ewha.

How to Apply

  • Exchange Students are nominated by partner institutions, who have formal exchange agreements with Ewha. Visiting (Fee-paying Study Abroad) Students from any accredited 4-year institution of higher education are able to apply individually to Ewha through OGA by submitting on-line application along with following documents.
  • It is recommended that the exchange and visiting students coming to Ewha have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. From spring 2010 semester, students should submit on-line application only.

The Following documents will be asked to submit during the application:

  • Official transcript (Scanned version) from the most recently attended university
  • Copy of valid passport (Scanned Version)
  • Medical clearance
  • for students applying for on-campus housing, results of general medical check-ups including tuberculosis and B type hepatitis
  • Passport-size photo (Scanned version)
  • Statement of purpose (Scanned version)
  • briefly indicate your study purpose and the academic preparation

The Following documents will be asked to submit when you receive admission package:

  • Copy of health insurance certificate
  • Covering major injuries and illnesses in Korea
  • 60 USD non-refundable application fee
  • Visiting program applicants will be asked along with tuition invoice upon your arrival at Ewha Woman University.

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Deadline: the closing dates are: May 1-31 for Fall Semester and November 1-30 for Spring Semester
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