The University of Oxford in the UK is offering the Julius Baer St Edmund Hall Scholarship to African Nationals in 2019.

This scholarship has been made available through the philanthropy of Julius Baer Group who wish to support disadvantaged students who, upon completion of studies, wish to return to Africa and play a role in the development of their community and/or country. The award is made available to enable study at Oxford and may be used alongside other funding available to you. As part of this commitment Julius Baer may choose to offer the award holder a fully paid internship at Julius Baer (most likely in one of their African offices) and this is to be arranged directly between Julius Baer and the award holder.

You can apply for their scholarships if you are an applicant to, or current member of, the University of Oxford entering the first or second year of a research programme for which St Edmund Hall admits graduate students. All awards are conditional on the holder becoming a member of St Edmund Hall.

Worth of Award

£8,000 per year to be awarded for one or two academic year(s)


The scholarship is to be awarded to an African national, coming from a disadvantaged community and currently residing in any African country entering the first year of a taught postgraduate course (one or two years in length) in the following areas; Finance, Economics & Management; Computer Science, Data Service, Science of the Internet & ICT; Wealth Inequality (including Social and Environmental Development).

The following courses all qualify for the Julius Baer St Edmund Hall Scholarship

Finance, Economics & Management

Economics MPhil                                                                                                 21 Months

Economics for Development MSc                                                                           9 Months

Financial Economics MSc                                                                                        9 Months

Law and Finance MSc                                                                                           10 Months

Master of Business Administration MBA                                                                   1 Year

Mathematical and Computational Finance MSc                                                      10 Months

Computer Science, Data Service, Science of the Internet & ICT

Computer Science MSc                                                                                     1 Year

Mathematical Modelling and Scientific ComputingMSc                                         1 Year

Mathematics and Foundations of Computer ScienceMSc                                     1 Year

Social Science of the Internet MSc                                                                       10 Months

Wealth Inequality (Social Development)

Bachelor of Civil Law BCL                                                                                  10 Months

Biodiversity, Conservation and Management MPhil                                               2 Years

Biodiversity, Conservation and Management MSc                                                 1 Year

Development Studies MPhil                                                                                   21 Months

Diplomatic Studies MSt                                                                                          1 Year

Diplomatic Studies PGDip                                                                                        9 Months

Education (Child Development and Education) MSc                                               1 Year

Education (Comparative and International Education) MSc                                  1 Year

Education (Higher Education) MSc                                                                       1 Year

Education (Research Design and Methodology) MSc                                             1 Year

Environmental Change and Management MPhil                                                     2 Years

Environmental Change and Management MSc                                                        1 Year

Global Governance and Diplomacy MSc                                                                   9 Months

Global Health Science and Epidemiology MSc                                                         1 Year

International Relations MPhil                                                                                 21 Months

Magister Juris MJur                                                                                              10 Months

Migration Studies MSc                                                                                            9 Months

Nature, Society and Environmental Governance MSc                                            1 Year

Nature, Society and Environmental GovernanceMPhil                                          2 Years

Political Theory Research MSc                                                                              1 Year

Politics (Comparative Government) MPhil                                                            21 Months

Politics (Political Theory) MPhil                                                                              21 Months

Politics Research MSc                                                                                            1 Year

Public Policy MPP                                                                                                   1 Year

Refugee and Forced Migration Studies MSc                                                             9 Months

Statistical Science MSc                                                                                         1 Year

Water Science, Policy and Management MPhil                                                       2 Years

Water Science, Policy and Management MSc                                                        1 Year

Women’s Studies MSt                                                                                           9 Months

How to Apply

  • You can complete the application on their website.
  • If you wish to be considered for this award, you must also submit (in addition to your application) a short statement detailing:
  • Why the Julius Baer St Edmund Hall Scholarship is critical in enabling you to study at St Edmund Hall. (Maximum 350 words.) Please also state any other financial support that you have secured to assist your studies (this Scholarship can be used in conjunction with other funding).
  • How you intend to positively contribute to the development of your African community (or country) upon completion of studies and how your studies will support you in this. (Maximum of 350 words.)


Deadline: Applications close March 1, 2019.


Click here for more details and to apply

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