IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca is accepting applications for the 2019/20 Scholarships for PhD Programs in Italy.

IMT is one of the six Schools of Excellence in Italy and one of the highest rated graduate schools in Europe according to the most recent U-Multirank survey.

Highly motivated candidates from all disciplines are invited to apply for one of the 32 fully-funded 4 year scholarships, which are equally divided between two doctoral Programs that integrate scientific competences of economics, engineering, computer science, neuroscience and behavioural psychology, physics, applied mathematics, statistics, history and sciences of cultural heritage.

Project details

For the 2019-20 Academic Year, the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca offers two PhD Programs: Cognitive and Cultural Systems and Systems Science. The Programs and their affiliated specialized Tracks are described in the following paragraphs.

The Cognitive and Cultural Systems PhD Program is comprised of two Tracks that both examine the methodologies applicable to the study of the brain, the mind, behaviours, human activities and productions as well as their material and symbolic functions and representations. The two Tracks

  • Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage (AMCH)
  • Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences (CCSN)

look at this shared field through diverse but complementary methodological, analytical and technical lenses. The principal educational goal of the Cognitive and Cultural Systems Program is that of providing students with a mastery of methodological tools and advanced techniques for neurosciences and for the analysis and the management of cultural heritage, of cultural phenomena and their multiple impacts.

The PhD Program in Systems Science relies on proficiencies in the development of predictive quantitative models for the analysis of economic, technological and social systems. It deals with increasingly relevant problems that regard, for example, smart grids, social networks, smart communities, smart cities, the management of immigration flows and international exchanges, risk analysis in global financial systems, intelligent and sustainable industrial production systems, health systems, logistics systems and cyber-physical systems, namely systems consisting of the interaction between digital systems and physical units, prominent in automotive, aerospace, chemical, infrastructure, energy, biomedicine and manufacturing industries. The principal educational objective of the Systems Science PhD Program is to help students master and effectively employ basic methodological tools and potentially develop new ones, within the specific domains of its two Tracks:

  • Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE)
  • Economics, Networks and Business Analytics (ENBA)

Worth of award

PhD students at IMT enjoy the following benefits and services:

  • All students admitted to the PhD program are not required to pay tuition fees.
  • Grants are assigned to admitted students according to the final ranking determined by the evaluation process. The grant is €15,343.28 per year (≅ €13,640.64 net/year), and can be increased by 50% during the periods spent abroad for study and research (from 2 to 9 months).
  • All PhD students at IMT are offered free meals (lunch and dinner) at the School canteen located on campus.
  • IMT assists students with arrival and administrative procedures (Visa, Stay Permit, Health insurance, Tax & Other).
  • €61.200 research scholarship (disbursed monthly over four years); free room and board for the duration of a program.


Candidates must have earned an at-least 4-year undergraduate degree (in any discipline) by October 31st 2019.

How to apply

The application is entirely online via their website. See link below

Deadline: Applications close April 23rd, 2019 – 12 pm CEST


Click here for more details and to apply

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