Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung International Scholarships opens for applications for international students to study in Germany in the 2020/21 academic year.

Every year the Foundation awards scholarships to committed students and doctoral candidates who have successfully completed a higher-education programme in their country of origin, are pursuing post-graduate studies (post-graduate courses/Master’s programme) or a doctorate or who are doing at least a two-semester research project at a higher-education institution in Germany.

Scholars are given the opportunity to complete a German higher-education qualification, earn a doctorate or acquire additional knowledge in their academic fields. The Foundation’s goal is to help further the education and training of young academics, expecting them to shoulder responsibility for the state and society in their home countries after their return. The sponsorship amount and duration depend on the academic status of the applicant. In addition, a number of allowances and contributions may be applied for.

The target Group committed and gifted students and doctoral candidates from any subject or nation who can relate to and stand up for the goals of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Worth of Award

  • Graduates receive a monthly grant of EUR 850.
  • PhD students, subject to fulfilment of the requirements for unconditional admission to a doctoral programme at an institution of higher education in Germany, as well as scholarship holders with a degree comparable to a Master’s degree from a German higher-education institution who are coming to Germany for the purpose of research and can provide evidence of at least two years of academic activity upon the start of the scholarship, receive a monthly grant of EUR 1,200.
  • The Foundation grants a number of allowances and contributions, i.e. to health- and long-term care insurance as well as child- and family allowances, if applicable.


Applicants from any nation are invited to apply.

These scholarships are for:

  • Candidates have successfully completed a higher-education programme in their country of origin as well as post-graduate studies (post-graduate courses/Master’s programme), a doctorate or at least a two-semester research project at a higher-education institution in Germany.
  • The duration of the sponsorship depends on the circumstances and study aims as well as on the proven academic achievements.
  • The grant period for graduates, that is, students doing post-graduate studies or a Master’s programme, generally extends over two years.
  • For doctoral candidates, the sponsorship is awarded for a period of three years. You must possess:
  • proof of excellent academic merit
  • broad general education and a pronounced interest in political matters
  • positive stance on democracy and human rights
  • social involvement for the benefits of others and society in the home country
  • tolerance towards those whose convictions are different
  • high degree of commitment and motivation

How to Apply

Please apply online on campus.kas.de until 15 January or 15 July annually. You are required to upload the following application documents

  • application form with your professional and personal development and your social and/or political engagement,
  • written out, signed and dated curriculum vitae (4.000 – 6.000 characters, incl. spaces),
  • signed curriculum vitae in tabular form,
  • current passport photo,
  • copy of the admission letter from your German university,
  • certified copy of your examination certificate/university diploma,
  • two letters of assessment of your academic skills by your supervisor and another university professor (both entitled to supervise a doctoral thesis). The letters are not to be older than six months before the date of application deadline.
  • proposal of your PhD project (five to ten pages, 1,5 line spacing, 12 pt. Font, literature appendix).

Your proposal should fulfill the following criteria:

  • high actuality und social and/or political relevance of your topic,
  • overview of the main problems and solution approaches,
  • research design and methods,
  • tentative timeframe of your PhD project.


Deadline: The closing date for applications for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung International Scholarships is July 15th (12 o’clock noon) of each year.


Click here for more details and to apply

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