Duke University in the USA is inviting applications for the F. K. Weyerhaeuser Forest History  Society (FHS) Fellowship for graduate students in 2019.

Lynn Weyerhaeuser Day (1932-1999) and her husband Stanley R. Day (1925-2002) endowed the Society’s Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Forest History Fellowship in 1986 to honour the memory of Lynn’s father, F. K. Weyerhaeuser (1895-1978), to support FHS programs, and to strengthen the Society’s affiliation with Duke University. The fellowship provides a stipend to Duke University graduate students pursuing research in the fields of forest, conservation, or environmental history.

The committee that determines the recipient typically includes the Forest History Society president, a representative from Duke University, and select FHS Board members. The fellowship is awarded on an annual basis.

Worth of Award

The fellowship consists of an $11,000 stipend, distributed quarterly, to support the research of a Duke University graduate student whose research examines in some way forest and conservation history.


The recipient is selected on the basis of merit; proposals are judged in terms of overall significance and quality of presentation. The project must be historical in nature and treat land use, forestry, or the environment in some general way. Examples of acceptable topics include:

  • general changes in a forest ecosystem caused by natural or human intervention;
  • environmental change resulting from the introduction of a nonnative tree or plant species;
  • the evolution of policies or practices relating to natural resource use or management;
  • the historical development of resource-dependent communities;
  • changes in science or technology affecting forestry, natural resource conservation, or environmental management.

How to Apply

  • Provide a cover letter that states the title of the proposed research, a one-paragraph summary of the significance of the project, and a description of the historical nature of the project.
  • Prepare a narrative description of research (up to eight pages), including the significance of the topic, research approach, author’s background, research and writing schedule, and budget (how you plan to use the fellowship if awarded). Attachments are not necessary but may include previous publications, written chapters, and basic bibliography, etc.
  • Supply curriculum vitae and 2-3 letters of recommendation from persons knowledgeable of your research. Letters of recommendation should address the author’s qualifications and may describe the significance of the topic to forest and conservation history. Please have your recommendation letters sent directly from their authors to the FHS office or via email to [email protected]
  • Send 1 hardcopy of the proposal to:  Forest History Society, 2925 Academy Road, Durham, NC  27705 and an electronic copy to [email protected]

Deadline: Deadline is January 31 or the first business day after the 31st. The winner usually announced mid-April. Winners of this award are required to submit one bound copy of their thesis or dissertation, when completed, to the FHS library.


Click here for more details and to apply

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