The Royal Society-DFID Africa Building Initiative is now open  to scientists who want to develop collaborative research consortia between scientists in sub-Saharan Africa and a research institution in the UK for applications for scholarships in its 2014 scholarship awards.
The overall aim of the scheme is to strengthen the research capacity of universities and research institution in sub-Saharan Africa by supporting the development of sustainable research networks.The scheme is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development.
Worth of Awards
The scheme provides funding towards research expenses, travel and subsistence costs, (PhD) training, and limited funds for equipment. The total grant amounts to £1,243,000
Applicants must be based in one of the eligible sub-Saharan African countries or the UK. In order to act as a principal investigator (PI), applicants must:

  • have a PhD or have extensive research experience at an equivalent level
  • have a proven track record of training students at Master’s and Doctoral level
  • have a proven track record of publishing in both national and international journals
  • be based in the respective countries at the time of the application

Applications will be accepted in three research priority areas:

  • Water & sanitation
  • Renewable energy
  • Soil-related research

 How to Apply

  • Before applying for a scheme, please check that you are eligible to receive funding by reading the scheme notes at the top right of their website (see link below)
  • Most proposals should be submitted through the e-GAP website. All applications should be completed and submitted by the deadline displayed on the website and in the scheme notes.
  •  All applications require the support of the Head of Department and approval from the university Research Office.
  • Some applications also require the submission of a Nominated Referee’s statement.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their Nominated Referee completes their statement by the deadline, which is usually one week after the submission deadline.

Deadline: The deadlines are as  follows:

  • Closing date: April 9, 2014
  • Results announced: December 2014

Click here for more information about the grant
You can access the online application here.