The University of Eastern Finland in Finland invites applications from international students for her tuition fee scholarships for studies commencing in September 2019.

The University has a substantial number of scholarships available for students who are required to pay tuition fees in Master’s degree programmes offered in English. The scholarships will be available for the most talented fee-paying students.

Scholarships are awarded for two academic years on the condition of completing 55 ECTS credits per academic year. Students who were not awarded a scholarship when applying for admission to the university may still be eligible for a scholarship in their second year, provided that they have applied for a scholarship and completed the required 55 ECTS credits during the first academic year as detailed in the personal study plan.

In Finland, students must be able to cover all their own living costs. Own finances are also one of the requirements for the Finnish residence permit, and finances need to be available permanently on the student’s bank account for the whole period the permit is applied for. Financing one’s stay and studies in Finland by working is not possible.

Worth of Award

  • The scholarship can cover the tuition fee either in full (100%) or partially (80%).
  • In addition to the scholarship for studies, the faculties can grant an annual scholarship to cover the student’s living expenses during the two-year Master’s degree programme.


  • Students who are required to pay the tuition fee
  • International students

How to Apply

  • The scholarship is applied for when applying for admission to the university by filling out the relevant section of the application form.
  • The decision about the scholarship is made in connection with student admission, and the student is notified of the matter in the letter of acceptance.

Deadline: Applications close on 31st January 2019.


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