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St Gallen Symposium Essay Competition in Switzerland 2022 (Win CHF20,000)

Applications are currently invited for the St Gallen Symposium Essay Competition in Switzerland in 2022.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students worldwide and the essay question is: Collaborative Advantage: What should be written into a new intergenerational contract?

The idea of a “generational contract” embodies the principles that younger and older generations rely on each other to provide mutual support across different stages of their lives. Inclusive education systems, sustainable welfare states, and meaningful environmental action are some of many challenges requiring a cross-generational collaborative effort.


Yet, with the climate crisis, rapid technological change, and societal aging in many countries, the generational contract, and notions of intergenerational fairness have been challenged. Members of the younger generation are raising their voices as they reflect on how their futures are being compromised by current decision-makers.

What’s your specific and actionable idea that should be written into a new generational contract? Choose an area where you see evidence that intergenerational fairness is – or, going forward, will be – challenged and where the generational contract needs to be rewritten. Potential areas include, but are not limited to, business strategy and the economy, inclusive governance and education, the welfare state and health care, environmental sustainability, or the world of work.

Describe your problem and offer concrete and practical proposals on how inter-generational fairness can be restored or reinvented. Explain your idea’s impact on the future.

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Worth of Award

  • Expenses for travel, board, and lodging are covered.
  • If the jury selects your essay in the top 100, you qualify as a Leader of Tomorrow for expenses-paid participation in the 51st St. Gallen Symposium (5–6 May 2022).
  • The award is endowed with total prize money of CHF 20,000.
  • The award is endowed with total prize money of CHF 20,000. In addition, there will be a chance for the very best competitors (including the awardees) to present their ideas on the big stage at the symposium.


For your contribution to be valid, it must

  • be written in English
  • contain a maximum of 2,100 words, excluding the abstract, bibliography, and footnotes.
  • be an individual work, no group work is allowed. The essay must be written exclusively for this contest and the idea must be the author’s own.
  • have all sources cited and referred to in the respective part of the essay. All contributions will be tested for plagiarism.
  • exclude your name, e-mail address, university, or any identifying details. They must not be mentioned anywhere in the contribution file.

How to Apply

When applying for the St Gallen Symposium essay competition, ensure you provide the following documents:

  • Copy of passport or other identification such as an official government ID but no driver’s license to verify your age (in English for non-Roman languages).
  • Confirmation of matriculation/enrolment from your university which proves your enrollment in a graduate/postgraduate level programme as of February 1, 2022.
  • Your contribution file with no indication of your name in the file name, the file metadata, or the file itself.
  • A short abstract (200–300 words) that can be entered in the registration form directly.
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Deadline: Applications for the St Gallen Symposium essay competition close on February 1, 2022.


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