Copenhagen Business School in Denmark invites applications for a vacant three-year PhD scholarship in the CISTAS project at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP).
The PhD-scholarship is linked to questions about young people’s self-organised networks and communities, democratic governance and social media. The project is an action-oriented research project that examines how to ensure that young people’s spontaneous self-organised communities develop democratically and how social media can be used as a positive tool for this. The project aims to investigate how inclusion/ exclusion mechanism takes place in new and informal associations and networks, and the role played by social media and its consequences for democratic governance. For a more detailed description, see
The PhD scholarship will be positioned at Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP). We are a uniquely multi-disciplinary research department with the ambition to make our research in management and organisation studies as well as adjacent fields known to students, companies, public institutions, and research colleagues as innovative, creative and critical/reflexive. A multi-disciplinary dialogue that challenges and combines academic disciplines and perspectives ties research at the department together. The department is committed to research-based education and to bring this understanding into play in society in a constructive, engaged, and valuable manner. A key focus of MPP is to publish its research with highly ranked academic journals and book publishers across a broad spectrum of areas, reflecting the department’s multidisciplinary set-up. Across the department, there is a keen interest in developing new forms of teaching and learning environments in collaboration with CBS faculty, international researchers, students and partner organisations.
The research areas of the Department can be seen at, but the research activities of the PhD scholarship is associated with the interdisciplinary research project ‘Civil Society in the Shadow of the State’ (CISTAS) which analyses the Danish civil society raising the questions; What role has civil society had in the development of the modern state and the welfare state? What role does civil society play today and what role will it play in the future? The CISTAS project has an extensive international network, and it is expected that the applicant will spend time abroad as visiting PhD fellow, e.g. with partners at Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society or another relevant research centre. The PhD project is funded by Tuborgfondet, and the applicant will have a particular responsibility to disseminate research knowledge to the foundation and take part in collaboration with its secretariat.
Worth of Award
  • A PhD scholarship runs for a period of 3 years and includes teaching obligations equivalent to ½ year’s work (840 work hours).
  • The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement.
  • The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with per month app. DKK 23.770 up to DKK 28.964 depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totalling 17,1 % of 85 per cent of the base salary.
  • The salary level and appointment are determined by the Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Central Academic Organisation.
The applicant must:
  • Hold a Master in social science disciplines and/or humanities
  • Demonstrate high theoretical and methodological competencies
  • Demonstrate their potential ability to contribute to and enrich the principal components of the CISTAS project in general and the topic of young people’s self-organised communities, democratic governance and social media when formulating their PhD research proposal (max 5 pages).
  • Demonstrate professional proficiency in English and Danish (written and spoken) enough to work empirically with young people’s self-organised networks and communities as well as to disseminate research findings to a broader audience.
How to Apply

1. Enter the vacant position you wish to apply for
Click on the link Apply online at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed to an external webpage which is the recruitment system.
2. Application form
Fill in the online form with your personal data and upload the relevant documentation (see guide to required documentation below).
3. Terms of use
At the bottom of the page you are asked to accept the fact that we register your data – if you agree put a check mark in the box and click send. You cannot apply without giving your consent. Personal information is automatically anonymised after six months.
4. After sending your application
You are now registered in the system and within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail confirming your application. In the e-mail you have the possibility of making sure that your application and attached documents are correct. If you do not receive an e-mail please contact HR Services, Tel.: +45 3815 2022. Once the deadline for applications has expired all submitted applications will be read and you will hear from us.

Deadline: applications close October 1, 2018 

Click here for more details and to apply

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