The National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) invites applications from South African scholars to undertake postdoctoral research in Land and Agrarian Reform at South African higher education institutions.

The fellowship will advance the development of scholars and scholarship in the area of Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa and the continent by addressing the gaps in South-South focused land and agrarian policy and scholarship, while complementing teaching capacity on land and agrarian subject-related areas.  The programme will support full-time research from all humanities and social science disciplines addressing the following broad research areas:

  • Land Reform
  • Agrarian Change
  • Land and Agrarian Social Movements
  • Land and Agrarian Research Networks in the global south
  • Land and the National Question
  • Agricultural and Food Policy
  • Food Security and poverty reduction

Worth of Award

  • Successful applicants will receive funding for a period of one year valued at R300 000 per annum, but renewable for a further year depending on satisfactory academic progress and availability of funds.
  • The successful applicants will be required to sign conditions of grant before the fellowship is released.
  • The fellowship programme will be administered by the NIHSS and payment will occur in terms of standard NIHSS financial policies and procedures.


  • The Sam Moyo Land and Agrarian Reform postdoctoral fellowships will support South African scholars, who are not in full-time employment for the duration of the funding period.
  • Applicants will be researchers who have a PhD not older than 4 years in all areas of the humanities and social sciences as long as they address land and agrarian focussed research topics.
  • Researchers will also be encouraged to explore the policy implications of their research findings.

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant academic qualifications
  • Coherence and feasibility of the proposed research project
  • Contribution of the project to the body of knowledge in the field
  • Publication/s in peer-reviewed journals
  • Potential to enhance research activity in the host institution and department

How to Apply

An online application form is accessible through the link below. Candidates should submit the following documentation for application:

  1. Letter of confirmation by the prospective department, faculty and or university that the applicant will be pursuing postdoctoral research.
  2. A motivation letter including the candidate’s areas of research expertise, research interests, and experience (not longer than 1000 words).
  3. A recent intellectual autobiography: a narrative of the major influences in the applicant’s intellectual life (not longer than one A4 page – 500 words).
  4. A research proposal outlining the research project and the contribution it will make to the body of knowledge in the particular field of study
  5. Two letters of recommendation from at least two referees who have taught, supervised, or worked with the applicant.
  6. Certified copies of all academic transcripts and degree certificates.
  7. A certified copy of the applicant’s ID/passport
  8. Sample copies of the applicant’s best writing, e.g. a chapter from their Master’s/PhD study or any published academic work.
  9. A CV including a full list of publications.

Deadline: applications close 29 June 2018

Click here for more details and to apply

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