The University of Brescia in Italy offers Admission to the PhD Courses, XXXVII cycle, AY 2021/22, with a three-year duration and its administrative headquarters at the University of Brescia.

The Call is published online on the Official Notice Board of the University of Brescia
; this publication serves as notification in all respects, including for examination purposes, where envisaged. The announcement for the Call is also published on the European website “Euraxess” and on the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research website. Any amendments, updates and additions to the Call and its annexes will be made known exclusively through online publication on the University’s Official Notice Board. Such publication serves as notification in all respects.

Worth of Award

  • The scholarships, in the annual amount of € 15,343.28, gross of the social security taxes to be paid by the PhD student, are disbursed monthly.
  • The amount of the scholarship can be increased by 50% for research periods abroad authorised by the PhD Board of Professors, for minimum continuous duration of 15 days, and total duration not exceeding 18 months in the three-year period.
  • This increase is applied to all students (both scholarship recipients and non-recipients).


  • Applicants participating in the selection, without citizenship limitation, must hold an Advanced Degree (Laurea Specialistica) or Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale) or Graduate Degree (Laurea) achieved pursuant to the Italian system prior to Ministerial Decree 509/1999, amended with Ministerial Decree 270/2004, or similar eligible academic qualification achieved abroad comparable to the Italian qualification in terms of duration and content, and previously recognised by the PhD Admission Board as valid for admission, as provided in Annex A – PhDs Data Sheets, for the specific PhD course for which applicants intend to apply.
  •  Applicants having an eligible qualification achieved from foreign universities who comply with the requirements of paragraph 1 of this Article and following Article 3 can participate in the selection of the reserved posts as envisaged in the table in Art. 1, paragraph 1 of this Call (or, for each PhD Course, in Annex A – PhDs Data Sheets).
  • Applicants who will obtain the Italian or foreign academic qualification referred to in paragraph 1 after submitting their candidacy, and in any case no later than 31 October 2019, will be conditionally admitted, when applying for admission to the selection by the deadline set in this Call.

How to Apply

  • Admission applications to the Call may be submitted exclusively through the online procedure from the day of publication of the Call on the University’s Online Official Notice Board

Deadline: applications close  August 4, 2021



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