The International Centre for Journalists calls for nominations for the 2013 Knight International Journalism Award from media professionals who, despite difficult circumstances, produce pioneering news reports or innovations that make a significant impact on the lives of people in their countries.
The Awards recognize journalists who, through their pioneering work or technological innovations, produce quality news and information that makes a significant impact on the lives of people in the developing world. Nominees can be reporters, editors, technologists , media managers, citizen journalists or bloggers
Worth of Awards
Award winners receive a trip to the United States, where they will be honored at ICFJ’s Awards Dinner on November 7, 2013. Each winner will receive a $3,000 cash prize and a crystal trophy. Candidates who meet the Awards program criteria may nominate themselves

  • Nominees must be from and work in Africa, Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.
    •  Knight International Fellows work in these key regions: Asia/Pacific, Eurasia/Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, and Sub-Saharan African.
    • Knight Fellows are experienced media professionals who are selected to lead projects based on their journalism, management and language skills.  Fellows come from 20 countries on five continents. Three-quarters of the current U.S. Fellows are minorities. More than half are women with strong leadership qualities

Nominees must pose the following:

  • Fluency in the local language of the host country
  • Demonstrated knowledge of project focus and experience in project medium/media
  • Minimum of 10 years journalism experience
  • Training experience is a plus
  • Fellowship is open to any nationality
  • Fellowship duration is a minimum of one year, unless otherwise specified

An orientation program for new Knight International Journalism Fellows providing information about the Fellowships and training in digital media, mentoring techniques and monitoring and evaluation methods takes place twice annually.
Each year, the ICFJ Awards Dinner honors the achievements of colleagues whose high-impact stories have helped improve societies around the world. The fellowships are designed to create lasting, tangible improvements in the way journalism is practiced around the world. Recipients of the Knight International Journalism Award do an excellent job of informing and engaging their communities, a key goal of Knight Foundation
The awards are in various categories. They include:
News Innovation Award
The ICFJ News Innovation Award recognizes pioneering work that promotes the free flow of news and the open exchange of ideas. The award recognizes the growing importance technology plays in advancing quality journalism and providing access to information, especially in countries where government censorship makes news-gathering both difficult and dangerous.
The News Innovation Award is given to the creators of new technologies. They could be inventors of new services, tools, devices or news organizations that elevate our ability to produce and disseminate news and engage communities.
ICFJ Founders Award for Excellence in Journalism
The ICFJ Founders Award is presented to a journalist with a long-time commitment to the highest standards of the profession.  It is a tribute to three visionaries who started the International Centre for Journalists 27 years ago who felt a strong need to support colleagues overseas, particularly in countries with little tradition of a free press. All three shared the belief that the news media’s role is to expose, investigate, and articulate issues of concern to average citizens. And they wanted an organization run by journalists for journalists to help foster their ideals.
How to Apply
You can apply by filling the nomination form online. Please note that when completing the application, you must apply to one of the fellowship openings or propose a fellowship. General applications are not acceptable.
Your nominations should have been sent in by Friday, February 22, 2013. Winners will be honoured at ICFJ’s Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C., on November 7, 2013
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