The Department of Operations Management at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship in 2020. They are looking for applicants who will be interested in and qualified to undertake research in the following research area:

  • Part of a research project titled “The Supply Chain of the 21st Century: Towards Ethical, Social and Circular Business Models”, which is co-financed by CBS and the Nordakademie Foundation, Germany. The proposal should be about circular business models.
The research activities at the Department span across five academic research areas: Supply Chain Management (design and management of flows of goods, services, knowledge and information between firms); Performance Management (design, use, and effects of financial and non-financial measures in strategy development and implementation); Innovation Management (deployment of management tools and mechanisms to connect technology, organization and markets); Operations Management (relation between production, organization, and strategy in manufacturing and service industries); Managerial Economics (decision modelling around pricing, costing, production planning and forecasting).

Worth of Award

  • A PhD scholarship runs for a period of 3 years and includes teaching obligations equivalent of ½ year’s work (840 work hours). The scholarships are fully salaried positions, according to the national Danish collective agreement.
  • The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with per month DKK 23.770 (app. 3,160 euro) up to DKK 28.964 (app. 3,860 euro) depending on seniority, plus a pension contribution totalling 17,1 % of 85 per cent of the base salary.
  • The salary level and appointment is determined by the Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Central Academic Organisation.
  • The PhD student will be enrolled at PhD School in Business and Management.


  • To be considered, the candidate should have a basic training at the Master’s level (similar to the 3 + 2 Bologna process).
  • An educational background in the social sciences is necessary. The applicant must have successfully completed the Master’s degree before commencing PhD at CBS. The applicant must be fluent in English.

How to Apply

Apply online via their website, See the link below.

Recruitment procedure  
  • A Recruitment Committee expects to shortlist applicants to be assessed by an Assessment Committee.
  • All applicants will be notified of their status in the recruitment process shortly after the application deadline.
  • Applicants selected for assessment will be notified about the composition of the Assessment Committee and later in the process about the result of the assessment.
  • Once the recruitment process is completed each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application.
  • The application must be sent via the electronic recruitment system, using the link below.
  • Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices (see items above), by the application deadline.

Deadline: applications close June 5, 2020.


Click here for more details and to apply

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